Italy is searching for the secrets of life on Jupiter’s moons

The radar capable of penetrating the surface of Jupiter’s moons, which can hide under the ice oceans capable of hosting life, is the Italian radar. The huge telephoto lens for capturing surface details of those mysterious moons is also Italian, the experiment aims to detect the slightest gravitational anomalies and the camera that takes more than a thousand pictures in one shot: with these instruments, funded and developed under the leadership of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Italy has occupied First row seat on the mission juice European Space Agency (ESA).

the April 13thfrom the European base of Kourou (French Guiana), the launch is planned that will take the European probe towards Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, the moons of Jupiter that it discovered Galileo Galilei In the 1610. Galileo described them in Sidereus Nuncius and Juice (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) will bring with him a plate on which the title page and two pages of this book are reproduced.

“Just as Galileo was the first to point his telescope skyward, we are preparing to explore a world no space mission has visited before,” said Giulio Pinzan of the European Space Agency, one of the mission’s flight controllers, on the sidelines of the event. that in Campi Bisenzio (Florence) he brought Juice’s Italian heroes together. The meeting was organized by Leonardo with ASI and ESA, and with contributions from Thales Alenia Space, the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) and the Universities of Trento and Sapienza in Rome.

The radar is led by an Italian rhymesthe room double faced and the tool 3Gm. while the spectrometer Magis It is the result of an agreement between ASI and the French Space Agency (Cnes). It’s Italian, built at Leonardo’s factory in Nerviano (Milan), too Solar Panels Spacecraft Records: At 85 square metres, like an apartment, it’s the largest ever launched into space.

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I am There are also many scientific predictions “The superiority of Italian scientists means that Italy has the largest number of instruments on board the expedition compared to other participating countries,” said Angelo Oliveri, the Italian delegate to the Juice Steering Committee.

“From this mission we expect Find out if conditions exist for life on Jupiter’s icy moonsPinzan said. For Enave’s Giuseppe Piccione, studying the surface of these icy satellites means “monitoring leatherallowing you to breathe Particles from the hidden oceanthe. Getting to know them is important to Understand whether it is habitableIn general, there is a chance of prediction Mechanisms of formation of life And to understand how life was born on Earth, noted Barbara Negri, chief of human flight and science experiments at ASI.

Find “High weight organic molecules from geysers in EuropeIt is one of the greatest expectations for this mission, according to Luciano Ice, of the University of Sapienza in Rome, who has studied other icy moons that hide oceans, such as Saturn’s Enceladus and Titan. It will also be instrumental in the role of Rhime Radar, said Lorenzo Brozzoni of the University of Trento. on it Reconstructing the interiors of frozen moonsee” will help us better understand what happened duringThe evolution of the solar system“.

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