Italy in the final of the World Tennis Championships: will challenge the American hosts

First, the painful victory in the quarter-finals against France and then the difficult match they won against Spain in the semi-finals, brought Italian National Tennis Master Until the last step up: The Italians, led by Gabriel Vidani of Lignano, will, in fact, go into the World Championship final against the hosts of the United States.

The semi-final match against Spain took place an hour after the scoring was closed, in the double that was a play-off, against France: “Mauro Gerbi played a fundamental and essential match against Tagliaviro, won 6-4 7-6 and recovered. 0-4 in the second set And also from heatstroke in the first set – says Vidani, the expedition leader for the Masters Over 55 World Championships being held in Boca Raton, Florida -. I succumbed to the Granero supremacy, one of the best moments in the class, but once again it was our Biagianti duo -Gherardi who recovered from a bunch of flaws and even gave us the very final for the gold medal.”

Now the Italians will play the final against the American candidates, but they have already shown that they know how to get past injuries, fatigue and predictions. The Italian national team consists of Gabriele Fidani of Legnano, registered with Sporting Sarono, Mauro Gerbi, of the same club, and Romanian tennis players Fabrizio Ghirardi and Ugo Biagente, both of Parioli.

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