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So much ambition and desire to be champions. With these factors, Italy presents itself for the World Diving Championships, which will be held in two days in Budapest. The blue team will present itself at Dacia Arena with the goal of reaching as many finals as possible and also with the possibility to fight for a medal in any of them. There are no guarantees on the podium, but there are many cards that can be played in both the women’s and men’s field.

Analyze the races one by one, Surely the metro has a red circle. Elena Bertucci won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Budapest in 2017 and will try to replicate that masterpiece. Chiara Bellacani, who has graduated from a long period of training in the United States, also wants to be among the main champions, even if it obviously won’t be easy because the Chinese have already booked two places on the podium.

A very similar scenario also in the men’s race, where Giovanni Tucci and Lorenzo Marsaglia will really try their best. To get to the podium you will need the perfect race, the one with the best career result. Also in the glamorous 2017 World Cup, Tucci managed to snatch an impressive bronze and perhaps the Dona Arena will be able to repeat the same feelings again.

Still from the vault, but from three metres, Italy are probably playing their best cards. On an individual level, the realistic goal is to bring the athletes to the final for both men and women. The two really reference races are the synchro 3m with the pairs Tocci/Marsaglia and Bertocchi/Pellacani, the latter capable of climbing even on the highest step of the podium at European level. Both snookers need a bug-free sprint, that way the podium doors can really open.

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Another medal card is represented by the three-meter mixed synchrony. Chiara Bellacani and Matteo Santoro They are a really sparkling couple, who have also managed to win the title in the recent European Championships. A truly extraordinary result for the two sons, who will now try to assert themselves against the rest of the world.

Let’s open the platform chapter. Sarah Godwin Di Maria’s goal is set for the women’s singles final, in which there will also be Maya Biginelli. All experiences are also for the young Andreas Sargent Larsen and Eduardo Tempreti Giuggio, committed individually and simultaneously, with a desire to dazzle and strive for the best possible result.

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