Italy at the Olympics today August 7, results and medal table in Tokyo 2020

Italy results and medals at the Olympics today Saturday 7 August with the Italian competition program and TV schedules on Rai and Discovery+. With Italy’s three gold medals won on an unforgettable Friday in the eyes, Antonella Palmisano and Luigi Bossa winning the golds and the 4×100 relay that allowed Italy to climb to 38 medals, today we’re back on track. The United States won the gold medal for the fourth consecutive time in the Olympic men’s basketball tournament, overtaking France 87-82. Italy is still trying to win medals in athletics. Because 4 x 400 is in the final, which will start at 14.45. He also competes in Omnium for track cycling, Elia Viviani and Simone Consonni. During the fight between the champions of the final for the bronze, which is reached by replay, there is also the Italian Abraham Conedo. Melina Baldassari will compete in the all-around rhythmic gymnastics singles final. The final of the men’s soccer tournament between Spain and Brazil is also scheduled.

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Rhythmic gymnastics final started there Melina Baldassari

The Rhythmic Gymnastics final started a few minutes ago, and among the twelve magicians there is also Melina Baldasari, who closed the first turn of the all-around (the circle) in seventh place with 25,100. Leading the way is Israeli Linoy Ashram (27500) ahead of Russian sisters Dina and Arina Averina. Now the second rotation (ball) has begun.

Another medal for Tom Daly: Bronze in diving behind the Chinese

Tom Daley was extraordinary, he gave a phenomenal performance, and he made six perfect dives. But the two Chinese divers were better than him: Cao Yuan won the gold medal by a point and a half by defeating his compatriot Yang Jian, who gave birth to an epic duel. China won seven golds in diving in this edition.

Boxing, gold medal for Bulgaria and Great Britain

Bulgarian boxer Stokia Kresteva won the gold medal in flyweight by defeating Turkey’s Boss Naz Kakiroglu 5-0 in the Olympic final. While Britain’s Jalal Yafai won the men’s flyweight gold, he beat Carlo Balam of the Philippines 4-1 in the final score.

Karate, 1 win 2 defeats in the group for Silvia Simraro

Another knockout for Silvia Semraro who lost in the third match of the kumite +61, 3-2 against Azerbaijani Zaretska. The balance so far is negative. Simraro had previously beaten Japan’s Oykosa and lost to Kazakhstan’s Beroltseva instead. In a group of 5 players, only the first two players qualify for the semi-finals. Now there is one last fight for Silvia Simraro.

The diving finals started from the 10m pier

The men’s 10-meter podium diving final started a few minutes ago. A long-awaited final sees among the candidates Britain’s Tom Daly, who has already won gold at these Olympics, but Daly will have to try first of all to beat the notoriously strong Chinese Cao Yuan, but also Yang Jian and Russian Bondar.

38 medals for Italy and 10 gold in Tokyo

Italy lost a place in the medal table this morning, but the record of medals won in a single copy is celebrated. Palmisano’s victory in the women’s 20 km walking race achieved the gold position 8 and the 36th medal. Then came Bossa’s gold in karate, the 37th overall (the record) and the 9th gold medal. Finally, the brilliant 4×100 relay that brought Italy to 10 golds and 38 medals.

Nelly Korda wins Olympic gold in women’s golf

American Nelly Korda wins the women’s Olympic golf gold medal. The world number one finished the last lap in 69 strokes and maintained the lead over rivals Lydia Ko (New Zealand) and Muni Inami (Japan). Nelly Korda is part of the athletic family. His father, Peter, was a high-level tennis player, twice played the finals of the Grand Slam (one win) and reached the second place in the world rankings. Sebastian, Nelly’s brother, is a professional tennis player, losing this week to Sinner at the Washington 500.

The Italians competing today in the Tokyo Olympics: Saturday, August 7th program

The butterflies of rhythmic gymnastics have qualified for the final, which will be held tomorrow. At 8.20 it will be Melina Baldassari’s turn in the final. The main event of the day is represented by the 4 x 400, another Italian relay that will try to win a medal. In Omnium, Elia Viviani and Simone Concononi want a medal. In the morning for technical swimming there is a team experience with Caligari, Cavana, Cerruti, Dida, Di Camilo, Ferraro, Galli, Piccoli. Finally, bring back the Bronze Karate competitions with the blue Conyedo.

Germany overtakes Italy in medal table

After winning all three gold medals on Friday, Italy climbed to seventh place in the medal table, but during the night the Azzurri lost one place. Because Germany surpassed by winning the gold medal in the canoe. Germany preceded Spain and Slovakia in the men’s 4K500 race. The Germans have 10 gold medals like Italy, in general one less, but they have another silver (11 against 10) thanks to which they took seventh place.

Rhythmic gymnastics, Italy’s butterflies reached the final

With third place, Italy qualified for the final of rhythmic gymnastics. The blues were very good and left behind “only” Bulgaria, the leaders, and Russia. These are the magic eight that will play tomorrow, on the last day of the 2020 Games,: Bulgaria (91,800), Russia (89,050), Italy (87,150), Israel (84,650), China (83,600), Ukraine (82,700), Japan (79,725) and Belarus ( 79,650).

The United States won the gold in basketball, France lost in the final

The US men’s basketball team won the Olympic gold medal for the fourth time in a row. The Stars and Stripes team struggled a little more than expected to break the resistance of France’s excellent surviving to the end. The Americans are sweating, as France slipped by three points, before losing 87-82.

France – United States, men’s basketball final: 67-73

The final match of the Olympic men’s basketball tournament was very balanced. The US has always been in the lead, but has fluctuated from major advantages (by more than ten points) to lows (+5 or +6) from the start. France exists and does not give up one iota. The Olympic final is very balanced and less straightforward than one might think.

Today’s August 7 results at the Tokyo Olympics: Italy’s medals live

Italy, which has already achieved the historical record for medals in one edition of the Olympic Games, hopes to expand the medal table. Elia Viviani and Simone Consoni will be on track in the cycling race on the track, while in the battle between the final champions for the bronze may be the Italian Abraham Conedo. Melina Baldassari will play the all-around rhythmic gymnastics singles final. At 14.45 there is a final 4 x 400 for Italy.

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