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Today, the draw for the qualifiers for the Billie Jean King Cup 2022 final took place, basically one preliminary match leading up to the event we’re seeing unfold this week in Prague. The model, for good measure, is the current Davis Cup model, which is also practically borrowed in aggregate for the women’s competition.

Italy will find for the 12th time in history, on 15 and 16 April, an opponent that France has seen several high-profile clashes.. The previous 3-8, among them, again in a recent key, many memorable things were mentioned. The Italian team will not only play at home, but will also have the right to choose the surface. It’s not a comparison that started closed, considering that despite number 2 of the rating (obtained under pre-2019 results for good measure), women’s cross-alpine tennis has serious difficulties finding a generational turnover.In a similar way to what happened in Italy after the end of the Great Great Era. It is understood that in order to be able to fight on equal terms, Tathiana Garbin He will have to have both Camila Giorgi who – which Jasmine Paolini.

Currently the number 1 is Alizee Cornet in 59th place, followed by Caroline Garcia al 75°, da Clara Borrell (twenty years old) to 77, from Kristina Mladenovic al 93°, da Ocean Duden to 97 and from Fiona Ferro at 105 degrees. France played in the last finals, losing in the group with Canada and the Russian Federation. The current captain is a former ATP professional Julian Benito, who boasts an unenviable record: he has lost all ten matches he has played.

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Although it was never valid for the final, the comparison is remembered in the 2006 quarter-finals (in Nancy), where Francesca Schiavone knocked first Natalie Dechy Then Amelie Mauresmo who was then number 1 in the world; It was then Flavia Pennetta To sign the decisive 3-1 again on Deshi. The semi-finals of 2007, held in Castellaneta, which at that time were chosen in an almost exaggerated manner for the matches of the Blues and the Blues, were even more exciting: with Italy losing 1-2, Schiavone fell in the third game. group with Tatiana Golovin, but managed to recover and win; In doubles with Roberta Vinci partially recovered Severine Bremond And dishy.

But the memory also goes back to Orleans 2009: it was 5-0, but a gesture in style “Are you afraid” to remain famous Flavia Pennetta In the tiebreak of the second set with Mauresmo with the Swede Louise Engzel (has long been known for questionable decisions, when not entirely wrong) for not demonstrating his competence in the circumstance. This was also the third and final Italian success: in 2015, the most painful defeat was, in Genoa, where the Blues advanced 2-0 after the first day and Mauresmo, having passed off the bench through the Alps, shuffled the cards on the second day with a double-capped achievement Garcia / Mladenovic, unique in the history of the FA Cup to win it Sarah Irani and Roberta Vinci (The latter has not been defeated since 2001, that is, since entering the blue circle). Other French successes were in 1970, 1979, 1982 (all 2-1), 1994 (3-0), 2001 (4-1), 2004 (3-2 from 3-0) and 2016 (3-1).

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As for other comparisons, there are a number of interesting material to note: the United States and Ukraine with the new American path against it Svitolina, but also between the Czech Republic and Great Britain, a match that has not now closed to the point that a Joanna Konta join Emma Radukano. There will be potential sparks in Poland and Romania if Swiatek e Halep Both had to play (in the second, apart from possible injuries, there is a suspicion associated with the fact that she does not like this form at all).

The Russian Tennis Federation and Switzerland, as the finalists for the 2021 edition, have direct access to the 2022 finals, while Romania, who were defeated by Italy in the play-off this year, returned as the best last April. Ranking for team competition.

2022 Billie Jean King Cup Drawings

Australia (1) – Slovakia
Italy-France (2)
United States (3) – Ukraine
Czech Republic (4) – Great Britain
Belarus (5) – Belgium
Kazakhstan – Germany (6)
Canada (7) – Latvia
Netherlands – Spain (8)
Poland and Romania (9)

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