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02:03 One hit on each side (3-1).

02:02 Immediately two hits to the Canadian.

02:00 The first attack between Van Hester Sanita.

01:59 Athletes enter the podium: Canada (9) – Germany (8).

01:58 The winner of this challenge will meet the United States in the quarter-finals.

01:56 This last day of competition will open in a few minutes with the Round of 16 meeting between Germany and Canada.

01:53 The hope is that Vice Olympic Champion Daniel Garroso has recovered from physical issues, so he can be at 100% on this last day.

01:50 Our country will take the podium for the quarter-finals at 03:45 Italian time.

01:47 Italy, who came from a disappointing fourth place at Rio 2016 in this race, are the team to beat with the US, but they are on the other side of the scoreboard, and stumbles are not allowed.

01:44 The Blues Andrea Cassara, Alessio Foconi, Daniel Garroso and Giorgio Avola will begin their adventure in the quarter-final against Japan.

01:41 Italy is still at zero fencing in these Olympics, something we haven’t been used to in years, 5 medals hit, but the lack of that precious metal has a lot of weight and not a little.

01:38 Today it’s the men’s chip team test turn and Italy will go looking for the big shot.

01:35 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the ninth and final day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics fencing tournament.

Good evening, OA Sport friends, and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the ninth and final day of the fencing tournament at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.. Today it will be the men’s team test turn for chips, Italy is looking for the coveted gold in fencing yet to arrive in this Olympic Games, today will be the last chance for a well-performed expedition (5 medals won), but one might expect a little more from it.

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representing Italy with Andrea Cassara, Alessio Foconi, Daniel Garroso NS Giorgio Avola He will play his first match in the quarter-finals against hostile Japan, and in case of victory there could be a stumbling block for France, while on the other side of the scoreboard there should be a brawl between Russia and the United States. The Azzurri came from a disappointing fourth place at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and on that occasion we gave ourselves all the advantages of a prediction, as first time in the standings and as world champions. Today the story is not much different than it was 5 years ago, we are the favorites to win, perhaps in conjunction with the United States, and the result without the podium will be very disappointing. The matches will start at 02:00 Italian time, but the Azzurri will reach the quarter-final stage at 03:45.

OA Sport brings you live broadcast of the ninth and final day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics fencing tournament, real-time news, hit by blow, so you don’t really miss anything, round 32 will start at 02:00!

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