Italy 0-0 Poland Live Streaming Nations League Women’s Volleyball: Tough challenge against Sticiak and his teammates

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15-13 Squarcini’s service does not pass.

15-12 Omoruyi deep diagonal.

14-12 Flight Degrade Service.

Another fast 14-11 from Squarcini, an excellent start for the player from Conegliano.

13-11 Lucasic Lube.

13-10 Murooooo by Squarcini on Lukasik!

10-12 radial breadths of nocallour.

11-10 Rozanski scored from second.

11-9 This time DeGrady plays hands high to the wall.

10-9 Sur Stesiak in Degrade.

10-8 mane outside Stysiak from the second line.

10-7 responds to Danesi’s position.

9-7 first half by Jurczyk.

9-6 Muroneeee Omoruyi on Stysiak!

8-6 Ace with the help of Bosio tape!

7-6 degrees finds my hand in the wall in the tube.

6-6 Stysiak breadth of the second line.

6-5 Great fast by Squarcini.

5-5 Lukasik hand in hand.

5-4 Rozanski tube escapes.

4-4 deep attack by Nuakalor from the second line.

3-4 stysiak this time runs in parallel.

3-3 Great Wall Degrades in Squarcini!

2-3 Squarcini’s answers are in the center.

1-3 first half of cornellock.

1-2 Degrade passes into the middle of the wall on a hard ball.

0-2 Pissed off by Rozanski from fourth.

0-1 starts immediately with a buy exchange which is closed by a mistake by Degradi.

16:00 Poland replies with: Korneluk, Stysiak, Rozanski, Wenerska, Jurczyk, Lukasik, and Stenzel.

15:59 Parrocchiale will not be in the game due to flu symptoms.

15:58 This is the Italian sextet: Bosio, Nwakalor, Omoruyi, Degradi, Squarcini, Danesi, and Panetoni.

15:55 Time for the national anthem.

15:52 The important thing at this stage is to find the rhythm and earn as many points as possible with the aim of qualifying for the quarter-finals. The upcoming challenges against Poland, the United States and Turkey will not be easy, because they are teams that are already being formed, like or almost.

15:49 An appearance is also complicated for Poland, which only won 15-13 in the tiebreaker against Canada with Alexa Gray’s 37 points.

15:46 The debut of Sila and her companions was not easy. On the first day, there was a tie-break victory against Thailand, after 6 points were canceled.

15:43 In Antalya (Turkey) the Azzurri’s trip comes alive against the tough Poland of Stysiak and Lavarini.

15:40 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of Italy and Poland, a match valid for the third day of the 2023 Women’s Volleyball Nations League.

OA Sports friends, good afternoon and welcome LIVE LIVE from Italy and Polandthe match is valid for the third day of the Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2023. In Antalya (Turkey) this is the second appointment to the Nations League for Mazzanti girls, and the level begins to rise in light of the increasingly difficult matches.

The Azzurri started their adventure well, as they beat Thailand (3-2) on Tuesday, and it was not the most fluid match yet, but what matters is the result, and Sela and her teammates managed to cancel even 6 match points in the partial quarter. . Silvia Nuakalor And Louvth Omoroi It was certainly the happiest of notes on the first day, the contribution of Danesi and Mazzaro power plants was also good, but today, against Poland, the whole team will have to improve. In fact, even Lavarini’s coaching start wasn’t the simplest, as he beat Canada just 15-13 in the fifth set. In the last edition, Italy defeated the Poles 3-1, and the desire is to repeat last year’s success to immediately launch towards the finals.

OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Italy and Poland, a match valid for the third day of the third day of the 2023 Women’s Volleyball Nations Championship, the news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, emotion after emotion, so that you really don’t miss anything, the match will start 16:00!

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