Italians celebrate the gift of August

With the aid decree repeated in August, the government aims to help families exhausted from inflation.

In fact, there are more and more Italian families difficulty To move forward due to the increase in cost of living, so the aid decree bis is the tool of choice for the government to turn things around.


The aid decree to be repeated in August is likely to be the government’s last social decree the Dragon.

Positive news

For Italians it comes real Bonus starting from 184 euros per month. But let’s try to understand what is happening.


In the aid decree bis there is very positive news but there are also disappointments for many Italians. In fact, there has been talk of lowering the value-added tax on supermarket goods but this reduction in value-added tax probably won’t happen. The Italians would have been very happy with the VAT cut at the supermarket which would essentially work like a lower tax on petrol. It could have been a really powerful help for families in need But it is clear that this reduction will not be there. Instead, bonuses will be confirmed on bills and petroleum fees reduced. Another disappointment is also the end of the €200 bonus.

decree surprise

In fact, many claimed it after the €200 bonus in July Extensions will arrive and therefore the €200 bonus will also return in the following months. However, the Draghi government did not follow this path. The Draghi government has chosen to increase pensions and raise salaries. This is a very powerful help for employees and retirees and so we must try to understand how they work And who will benefit from it. If employees and retirees are certainly happy with this help, the VAT numbers, income pension recipients and citizenship They feel very excluded from government aid. The salary increase would be really strong but the pension intervention is also exciting.

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Powerful Payroll Help

In fact retirees will already receive in the fall Increases to inflation that were supposed to start in January. But the strongest increase is precisely for employees. In fact, the government has added a new tax deduction to the already active tax deduction on payroll. Putting the two cancellation contributions together, we arrive at an increase of 184 on your paycheck per month. on me A stipend of €2,500 per month so that you benefit from a total increase of €184 per month. A paycheck of €2,000 per month will have a total increase of €144 per month. This will continue until the end of 2022. Then, with the arrival of 2023, the needed reduction should come into the tax wedge.

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