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United States of Italy: Manuel Vescovi was elected in 2018 Senator with Lega Salvini President, formerly Regional Adviser of the Northern League and Historical Secretary of the Northern League in Tuscany. He presented a bold plan to reform the constitution with a presidential and federal key.

There has been talk of reforms for a long time. But nothing happened after that. Do you really think this is the right time?

It cannot be denied that our country needs change. I trust deep and organic reform above all else. It is no coincidence that the United States of Italy bill proposes a wide-ranging revision; The piecemeal reforms that have taken place over the years have shown that piecemeal interventions are not only not crucial but also create confusion. Due to events, we have experienced many changes, this will be a desirable and positive change. After decades of successive governments, why wait more for reform?

Senator, do you really think that the American presidential model can be instilled in Italy?

With Italian characteristics. The subtitle of my book The United States of Italy is “Goal 2028” precisely because the reform requires technical times that allow us to take into account the historical and cultural characteristics of our country

Does Italy want a presidency but also a federation?

As I said, reform must be organic. The presidential system guarantees more political stability and restores due weight to the electorate’s choice. A president who is chosen by the people will have different room to maneuver, with procedures streamlined. A federal system, as we are already seeing in other countries, will ensure greater concern for territory and a more efficient taxation system.
A presidential and federal republic would certainly be more responsive to current needs, allowing for a faster and more effective response to citizens’ needs.

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What are the advantages of the presidential system to our political system?

The president chosen by the people will have more political influence. The current government is the sixty-eighth in the history of the republic. 68 governments in the 77 years of the republic’s life, that is, one government approximately every 13 months. Current electoral law collusion. The presidential system guarantees stability and thus the possibility of those elected to implement a programme.

The presidential system is often flagged as dangerous because it can lead to dictatorships. what do you think?

Many times while complaining about some situation we don’t have the courage to change it and we are even afraid of the ridiculous consequences. No one would think of judging the United States as a dictatorship. They are false accusations.

Do you really think there is a desire for federalism in the South?

I think the south deserves a ransom. The regions of southern Italy are known all over the world for their landscapes, hospitality, gastronomic products, villages and much more that we will not finish listing their merits, but they are equally known for their hardships and lack of infrastructure. Under federalism, these regions will have the tools to adopt decisions that are most appropriate and functional for their needs. Federalism must be interpreted without prejudice, and thus the misconception that federalism brings exclusive advantage to the richest northern regions can be overcome.

What will happen to the parties in a system similar to that

The traditional concept of the party has changed profoundly. In America there is a bipolar which I see so far difficult in Italy. Here we must restore importance to the person, not to the party. As a voter I should be able to choose whom I will vote for, and at that very moment the candidate, especially if elected, will have a different and greater responsibility than the present one. The system in which party leaders foist candidates is causing a rift between citizens and institutions.

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Senator, may I ask how you see the outcome of the upcoming regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy?

The result will confirm the political direction, with the hope of a subsequent strengthening of the centre-right.

Do you think the League will lose its dominance at home?

If transplanted well no, otherwise yes. At school, voting is carried out by teachers, in elections by citizens.

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