Italian pompoms? Well, it came from Germany. 85 bags weighing 1,275 kg were seized

TREVISO – Treviso financiers seized 85 bags of pellets, totaling 1,275 kg, bearing misleading indications as to Italian origin …

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Treviso – Treviso’s financiers have taken over 85 bags of pelletsin general 1,275 kgbearing misleading indications as toItalian origin of merchandise for sale in a wide distribution.

Pellets made in Germany but with Italian logos

Product packaging captured by Castelfranco Veneto soldiers, while on the back bears the inscription relating to Production in Germany Of biofuel, in fact it contains various elements capable of inducing the consumer to believe that what was purchased was from Italian origin. Specifically, they were located on the front and sides of the pack logos Stylized, depicting the Italian peninsula wrapped in a ribbon bearing the colors of the national flag, the colors that also go into the various elements of the packaging, and the words «woodgrain for Italy».

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In addition, even the name of the German manufacturer indicates a possible Italian origin of the commodity. This misleading use of symbols and trademarks, referring to Made in Italy, is punishable by the current criminal law. boss selling point was, therefore, deplore The judiciary in Treviso approved the confiscation of the pellets.

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