‘Italian passports are often forged’, this is what happens

to travel in Great Britain From Italy with low-cost airlines can serve two documents. Leaving your Italian passport in your pocket may not be enough. Many travelers in recent days have reported deficiencies regarding the issue of identity documents. The consequences of Britain’s exit from the European Union? “It’s only a matter of airlines, not the government,” a Home Office spokesperson explains in an interview with Republica.

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What is happening?

Some low-cost airlines require travelers to present a second document in addition to their passport. “Italian passports are often forged,” explains a Ryanair representative, “and we have the same problem with Greek and French passports…that is why we run random checks” beforehand. Ryanair and Easyjet do not provide official answers on this matter and the Embassy and Consulates say they are monitoring the situation. But why are companies so excited? An explanation can be given by the risk of fines in the event of a passenger refusal at the border, with his repatriation at the company’s expense. Hence, there is the indirect impact of Brexit.

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