Italian “Paperoni” is growing: Berlusconi, Elkann and … how many footballers occupy the top fifty. Image | league

The number of Italian billionaires is growing: there are 50, According to the data Forbesand citizens who Assets of at least one billion dollars. The sum of their faculties is $161 billion Decreased from $211.1 billion recorded in 2021.

No change at the top with Giovanni Ferrero remains at the top of the ranking of the richest Italians, with assets of $34.6 billion. Giorgio follows him, very far away Armani And Silvio Berlusconi. The former prime minister returns to the podium with $6.4 billion, regaining two spots from fifth place in 2021. Massimiliana Landini Aliotti ($5.1 billion), pharmaceutical company owner Minarinistill the first woman in the ranking.

This is the full ranking of Italian billionaires 2022:

Giovanni Ferrero (Ferrero): $34.6 billion
Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani SpA): $6.9 billion
Silvio Berlusconi The family (Fininvest): $6.4 billion
Massimiliana Landini Aleotti and the Menarini family: $5.1 billion
Piero Ferrari (Ferrari): $4.8 billion
Patrizio Bertelli (Prada): $4.5 billion
Miuccia Prada (Prada): $4.5 billion
Giuseppe De’Longhi and his family (De’Longhi): $4 billion
Luca Garavoglia (Campari): $4 billion
Augusto and Giorgio Perfetti (Perfetti van Mille): $3.9 billion
Sergio Stefanato and his family (Stefanato Group): $3.9 billion
Giuseppe Crippa and family (Technoprop): 3.8 billion
Gustavo Denegri (DiaSorin): $3.8 billion
Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone (Caltagirone): $3.6 billion
Alessandra Garaphoglia (Campari): $3.3 billion
Paolo and Gianfelice Mario Rocca (Techint): 3.2 billion
Juliana Benetton (Benetton Group): $3 billion
Luciano Benetton (Benetton Group): $3 billion
Renzo Russo and family (OTB): $2.9 billion
Remo Ruffini (Moncler): $2.9 billion
Suzanne Carroll Holland (Amplifone): $2.8 billion
Isabella Sragnoli (Cossia): $2.6 billion
Brunello Cucinelli and family (Brunello Cucinelli): $2.6 billion
Alberto Bombasi (Brembo): $2.3 billion
John Elkann (Exor): $2 billion
Alberto Prada (Prada): $1.9 billion
Marina Prada (Prada): $ 1.9 billion
Nicola Bulgari (Bulgari): $1.9 billion
Maria Franca Fiesolo: $1.9 billion
Mario Moretti Polegato and family: $1.7 billion
Massimo Moratti (Saras): $1.6 billion
Sabrina Benetton (Benetton Group): $1.5 billion
Paolo Bulgari: $1.5 billion
Lina Tombolato (Mediolanum): $1.5 billion
Federico De Nora (Industrie De Nora): $1.5 billion
Juliana Caprotti (Isilunga): $1.5 billion
Marina Caproti (Isilunga): $1.5 billion
Romano Minuzzi (Iris Ceramica Group): $1.4 billion
Manfredi Lefebvre D’Ovidio and family (Silversia Cruises): $1.4 billion
Nerio Alessandri (Technogym): $1.4 billion
Barbara Benetton (Benetton Group): $1.4 billion
Antonio Percassi (Odyssey Srl): $1.4 billion
Simona Giorgetta (Mabe): $1.3 billion
Sandro Veronese and the Calzedonia family: $1.2 billion
Diego Della Valle (Todd): $1.2 billion
Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana): $1.2 billion
Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana): $1.2 billion
Marco squinzi (MAPI): $1.2 billion
Veronica squinzi (MAPI): $1.2 billion
Stefania Trefa (Cuban): $1.2 billion

Many of our football heroes in the ranking: here it is Gallery A miser in our football.

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