Italian government nominates Mirafiori for chip factory ‘the area would be perfect’ –

In recent weeks, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has been touring Europe in search of a suitable region to create a new one. chip factory American tech giant. Speaking of its roadmap to 2025, Intel reiterated its intention to build several new factories to weather the supply crunch in recent months, as well as distance itself from China. According to the Italian government, the Turin plant mirafiori It is the perfect place for Intel Corporation That is why it has already agreed with all parties on the ground.

speaking today is Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Sirio, and Turin Mayor Chiara Abendino. The three representatives of the institutions agree to submit the nomination of the Turin Industrial Complex, which is still partially occupied by FIAT plants, now Stellantis.

Intel is “a project that has a tremendous impact on the entire region and its economy. I thought we already had a region infrastrutturata For this construction, which is the Mirafiori building in the unused part”, said the minister who also has a government investment of 8 billion to beat the competition from Germany and Spain.

Turin Mirafiori
Turin Mirafiori

“to me [Torino] She fulfills all the requirements, she is not the only but the most qualified candidate. We don’t know what Intel will do, but given the amount of investment also of the state contribution, I think it will lead to a large-scale network on European soil, in this reasoning I think of two or three facts, one of which is in Italy”, Giorgetti said he hoped “it might be There is also a green light from Italy for the country’s investment for more 8 billion And that there are reasonable hopes for Turin.”

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