Italian franchise in London Young Bolognese in the front line “The seminar is a goal”

Italian franchise in London Young Bolognese in the front line “The seminar is a goal”

by Giorgia de Cupertines

The Italian concession is up to Big Ben. Where, on the occasion of a three-day symposium at the London School of Economics and Political Science, well-known faces from the world of politics, culture, sports and finance gathered in the capital of the United Kingdom to discuss the future of Italy. Behind the organization of the event – which today will end with the final episode – is the network that unites all Italian students in the country, the United Italian Societies (UIS), which has more than 4,000 young people in 20 UK universities united: among the organizers is the year-old Niccolò Papini 21, born in Bologna and former student of Galvani High School, where he was also the school’s representative. “This seminar is the result of important work carried out with the other organizers (Umberto Belluzzo, Fabio Carolla, Guglielmo Santamaria, ed.) to promote Italian culture and help relations between students. It is a source of great satisfaction for us and when I have achievements of this kind, I always think of my high school in Bologna, which taught me a lot, ”explains Babini. Among the most famous guests is the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, main protagonist of yesterday’s day devoted to politics and communication. “Among the main priorities, we must intervene in that part of justice that has a strong impact on the economy: the first disease of justice is the slowness of the proceedings, the second is the uncertainty of the law – explained the minister to the children in London -. This slowness has a negative impact on “2% of our GDP. There is regulatory confusion that keeps foreign investors away. That is why we must aim for greater speed: we plan to reduce the duration of civil trials and eliminate 90% of arrears within a few years.” A meeting took place between journalists and communication experts, ready to reimagine the future of Italian journalism. “So far we can say that we are satisfied with the first edition of the Colloquium,” Bolognese specifies, “both in terms of the interest aroused among the students and in terms of the guests present, all witty and ready for dialogue with our society. Direct comparison with them is a unique opportunity for young Italians in the UK.” Young people also had the opportunity to explore the topic of business during the first day, scheduled for last Tuesday. Today, at the last meeting, chefs Christina Bauermann and Giorgio Locatelli, sports journalist Fabio Carissa and digital entrepreneur Marco Montemagno will attend. To close the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Senator Carlo Cottarelli.

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