“Italian football is the most underrated asset in the world of sport”

Italian football is now in the crosshairs of American investors. A clearly identifiable trend with the recent acquisitions of companies like lo spices, The Genoa and the Parma that followed other well-known clubs such as MilanAnd Rome NS Fiorentina.

Among the investors who have entered this world, there is also Joe Tacobina, the current owner of SPAL, who boasts several recent experiences in Italian football between Rome, Venice and Bologna.

interview by Forbes, the well-known US criminal attorney, told what’s behind this interest. First, Takobina said he’s seen in Italian football”Most assets are undervalued In all sports because of the way they are managed».

The reference was to an episode in 2002, when Takobina was a spectator of the Roma-Lazio derby and admired the passion of the fans, but at the same time he was upset by the inability of the clubs to monetize this rapprochement. The audience (from the condition of the stadiums to the purchase of food at the Olympics, etc.).

Takobina complained above all about the times that move football in our country, because Italy has shown that it is full bureaucratic obstacles Which often gets in the way of his favorite way of dealing with problems: efficiency.

«Things are moving much slower here than anywhere else I know ofTakobina said. In fact, bureaucracy is the main reason why many First Division football teams continue to play in old stadiums, a far cry from the modern sporting facilities found in the major European leagues or Major League Soccer.

In addition, the lawyer brought to the table the problem of sports agents: “Agents in the US represent the player only, are paid only by the player and work only for the player. In Italy, and in all European countries, there is a problem Which club should pay the agent And the player who must do the same».

Tacopina says this creates a clear conflict of interest because the players are represented by someone who receives compensation directly from the club: “It’s a very strange situation to have the structure set up the way they do in Europe with player agents getting paid on both sides of the table when they really have to be a client.».

The businessman’s last challenge is SPAL, the club that plays in the second division championship. On August 13, 2021 – after a few weeks of due diligence – Takobina was announced as the new president of Este.

The American investor stated that he took on debts worth 16 million euros Planning to inject approx 13-14 million dollars (11-12 million euros) at the club for the entire 2021/202 season.

This money will go mainly to the improvement of the team (such as the expected purchase of striker Giuseppe Rossi), the youth sector and the renovation of the Paolo Mezza stadium, where Tacopina wants to improve the fan experience by adding bars. restaurants and museum.

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