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April 18, 2021

The Italian football champion takes more than thirty seconds to the action team for 10,000, and drops less than 28 minutes in the Rubiera. Folorunso MPI from 250 in Pavia. Cataneo Manente race in the winds of Dunas

In the past 18 years, only two Azores have dropped below 28 minutes in the 10,000 meters (Kripa and Miucci). From today, Ilyas also descends under the barricade AouaniAuthor of Most Promising 27: 52.98 A. Rubira (Reggio Emilia) on the occasion of the absolute specialist regional championships. After clinching the Italian Cross title at Campi Bisenzio, this is confirmation of a quantum leap for the 25-year-old Milan player from Atletica Casone Noceto, who was coached by Massimo Magnani in Ferrara: the best person who broke by more than thirty seconds, 28: 25.36 occurred two years ago in Palo Alto, United States, while studying and sports abroad to obtain his engineering degree. Awani, in the “first” on the open-air track of fourth-place Napoli Universiade two years ago, distances his Italian teammates. Quazula (29: 02.10) and Alberto Mundazi (29: 14.94) We can look forward to the next season with optimism. Statistically, only Yeman Crippa (Italian record 27: 10.76 at the Doha World Cup 2019) and Daniel Meucci (27: 32.86) have been better from 2003 to today. The top ten ever is not far off, with the 10th place equivalent to 27: 44.05 by Marco Maza [RISULTATI].

Start of the season with a better Italian performance for Ayomide Fulloronso. The blue of Fiamme Oro at 30.34 in Pavia extends an extraordinary distance of 250 meters and eliminates the time of the 2015 Mariabenedicta Chigbolu (31.13). Nee Quinatletica Games The hurdle and Italian relay runner engages in the two-week fake World Relays tests in Chorzow (Poland, May 1-2) that give the Olympic qualification to the Quartet. Folorun precedes Ilaria doll (Cus Pro Patria Milano) in turn lower than the previous limit thanks to 31.07, Alexandra junior friends (Atl. Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco) Third in 31.64. An hour ago, IU also won the 150 meters in 17.79 (+1.1), beating Linda. Guizzetti (Cus Pro Patria Milan, 18.00), the distance equivalent to Andrea for men Federici (Atl. Biotekna) with 15.61 (+0.9) character on Alex Zlatan (Muslim Brotherhood 1874 Modena, 15.80 pages). Lorenzo Perini (Aeronautics) opens the season in the open air with 23.60 in 200 hours, with headwinds of -0.7. According to Paolo junior Josio (Atl. Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter, 24.18) bypassing Mattia Montini (Carabinieri, 24.38). In the Hammer, on your first spring outing, Marco Tongue (asd Marco Lingua 4ever) The 74.07 bill isn’t far behind the 74.23 season that launched in January [RISULTATI].

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Italian relay runners make their debut in the wind Dunas (Aosta). First race of the year for Federico 4×100 record holder Cataneo (Aeronautics), in a competitive test towards the global relay date: Breeze +2.5 pushes it to 8.67 in the pseudo-test of 80 meters. On the track, after a year and a half, David is another Italian record holder in the fast quartet (Doha 2019, 38.11) Maniente (Aeronautics) which is expressed in 150 meters by 15.45 on the wings wind +3.5. Manti’s last race was the Military World Cup in Wuhan, China, in October 2019 [RISULTATI].

a Rovereto (Trento), on the track that will host the Absolutes from June 25-27, first places at 150 meters for Lorenzo Ians (Athletic Club 96 Alperia) with 15.81 (-0.6) and for the fifteenth century Petra Nardelli (Sudtirol Team Club), at 17.96 (+0.1), both for employees. Blue middle-distance runner Irene Baldessari (Army) who did not complete the 600m test was knocked out due to muscular discomfort [RISULTATI]. a Treviso 69.13 at Mauro’s javelin throw Ferriso (Yellow flame) [RISULTATI].

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