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May 10, 2022

For the first time, the World Championships (Oregon, July 15-24) will be broadcast on Sky as well as on Rai channels. Confirmed Diamond League to 2024 and Continental Tour to 2023

Important news in the TV rights jigsaw regarding athletics. Sky Sports Announced that for the first time I will be broadcasting World Championships in Athleticsis due to Eugene, in the United States, from 15 to 24 July. The wave of interest in our sport, sparked by the five gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics and the rise of several charismatic figures in the blue jersey, convinced Sky to expand its already rich offering in athletics: “From Gianmarco Tampere to Marcel Jacobs, from Olympic medalists to new hopes for the future. Italy in athletics has never had such a strong team and will have extraordinary television coverage,” reads a note from Sky Sport. Television that already guarantees live coverage of the Wanda Diamond League (until 2024 inclusive), the Golden Stages of the World Athletics Continental Tour (until 2023) and the Golden Stages of the World Athletics Indoor Tour (until 2023). As usual, the World Cup matches will continue to be broadcast on Al Rai channels. It will host the Glorious Howard Field of Eugene World Championships: it is the most anticipated event of the athletics season and will be the first time for the World Championships in the United States.

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