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It will provide energy for 1.4 million families

The winds of the Arabian Peninsula in Great Britain. In the North Sea, the world’s largest wind farm was commissioned. he is called Hornsey 2 It is located in the North Sea, approximately 90 kilometers off the coast of the eastern English county of Yorkshire. There are 165 turbines operating and powering nearly 1.4 million households. With a capacity of 1.3 gigawatts, as indicated by the Danish Oersted Group, which undertook the installation work.

The inauguration of the largest wind farm in the world, how much energy does it produce

The Hornsey 2 project could generate enough electricity to power a city the size of Manchester. Ten years ago, renewables made up only 11% of the UK’s energy mix. While in 2021 it rose to 40%, and offshore wind was the largest component. “The UK is one of the world’s leading countries in offshore wind,” Patrick Harnett, Program Director of Hornsey Wind Farm 2, told BBC News.

Biggest project

England is already looking to the future. The Dogger Bank wind farm, which will be fully built once completed, is expected to commission 6 million homes, next year.

In the latest round of UK government auctions in July, 11 gigawatts of renewable energy was commissioned, enough to power about 12 million homes. As part of Net Zero’s goals, the government has pledged to decarbonize electricity generation by 2035, with offshore wind playing a critical role. The current global energy crisis, caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has intensified the search for alternatives to gas-fired power plants. There are no quick solutions. Offshore wind projects take about five years from planning approval to fully operational, and some say the scale of the current energy crisis means the creation of onshore wind farms needs to be reconsidered.

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