It will improve digestion by purifying the fatty liver of this herb that few people know but is precious to the body

Staying well hydrated is definitely not a mystery, it helps the health of the entire organism. Like a healthy, balanced diet, adequate hydration plays an essential role in the body. The right amount of fluid, especially with the arrival of heat, helps maintain body temperature, lubricate joints and improve skin health.

But it does not end there, because some drinks can have the ability to purify the body and, above all, purify a fatty liver.

We have often talked about this type of condition, which indicates that it is not always easily recognizable, such as high cholesterol levels.

what to watch out for

Fatty liver is a special condition that affects many people without realizing it. Indeed, it often happens that the so-called steatosis does not show signs of its presence through pain or inflammation, except when it is already in an advanced state.

However, it is possible to intercept its presence thanks to some small signals sent by the body.

For example fatigue and weakness, Especially if it is related to bad breathcan precede fatty liver.

Likewise, poor liver health along with excess cholesterol can portend Certain signs on the eyes.

It goes without saying that in the presence of doubts, it is necessary to consult a specialist who knows how to go deep and give the correct diagnosis.

However, doing a few daily gestures can help avoid this phenomenon.

It will improve digestion by purifying the fatty liver of this herb that few people know but is precious to the body

As mentioned, hydration is essential to keep the body healthy, but what can we drink to benefit the liver? Beverages rich in antioxidants, such as green tea or matcha, may seem particularly beneficial for this purpose. This is thanks to a special polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate, which works specifically against liver fat.

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However, in addition to tea, preparations containing dandelion can also be beneficial for the liver. This little-known herb, in fact, would improve digestion by purifying the liver.

Dandelion will be able to reduce inflammation, as well as perform a diuretic and laxative action. Also, how can pages humanityThis herb has been found useful in treating gallbladder and liver problems.

Dandelion tea is easily available in supermarkets, and alternatively, it can be made directly at home. It is enough to pour hot water over well-washed dandelion flowers and leaves.

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