It will cut 3,200 jobs in Germany –

Ford is ready to cut 3,200 jobs in Europe. The agency reports that bloomberg Citing the German IG Metall consortium, which states that cuts are concentrated in Germany. According to the union, those at greatest risk are employees in the development area as well as those in the US automaker’s administrative sector: The auto group intends to transfer the development of some products to the United States. The intention to lay off some employees was announced at an extraordinary meeting of the Ford Works Council held today at the company’s Cologne plant. The reductions should relate to the development (2500) and administrative sector (700).

This choice follows what was decided this summer by the giant, which has about 35,000 employees in Europe. Ford has already announced significant cuts (2,000 employees and 1,000 collaborators) in the United States, Canada and India in August 2022. At that time, the company declined to comment, referring to an earlier statement that Ford’s electrification would affect its organizational structure. More details will be shared once our plans are finalized and communicated to our staff first, and we confirmed that the company is implementing a $2 billion investment plan to convert production to electricity. The goal is to build two million electric cars annually by the end of 2026. Ford Motor stock gains 2.7% on Wall Street after the news leaked.

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