“It will bring us closer to the youth” –

Chiara Ferragni He joins the group’s board of directors Tod’s by Diego Della Valle. The publicly traded company announced the entry of the digital influencer and entrepreneur this morning April 9th. And after the announcement, in the list of general declines, Tod’s stock is starting to work: at 11 it rose 5.9%. Believing in the importance of dealing with social commitment, solidarity with others, sustainability in relation to the environment and dialogue with younger generations – as the memo says -, Tod’s Group Chiara Ferragni Member of the Board of Directors. We are sure that Kiara’s knowledge of the world of youth, along with the experience of the members of the Board of Directors, can build a think tank dedicated to projects that focus on solidarity with others, with a keen interest in the world of youth, never as at this moment, should be heard ».

Ferragni: Italian excellence wishes in the world

“I thank Diego Della FallShe commented on the trust and respect she enjoys in me as a woman and a manager Chiara Ferragni -. Joining Tod’s group means giving my generation a voice with one of the world’s most Italian happiness.

Della Valle: Also a space for solidarity projects

“I am very happy that Chiara Ferragni has joined the board of directors of Tod’s – in the words of Diego Della Valle. Kiara’s knowledge of the world of youth will surely be precious. Moreover, together, we will try to build solidarity and support projects for those who need them most, and raise awareness and involve new generations more and more in processes of this kind. ”

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Chiara Ferragni is one of the most important global influencers, whose rise has been studied at famous universities such as Harvard. Over the course of her career, she has transformed continuously from a “simple” influencer to a digital entrepreneur. Regain administrative control of their companiesSo much so, that you become a spokesperson for social fights. In a year when the whole world was forced to remain silent at home and deal with the pain of the planet, Chiara Ferragni and her husband, Phides, chose, in fact, to use their bad reputations in favor of civic commitment: from musical appointments on the balcony of the first lock, to campaigns to use the mask, even contribute and release For fundraising This made it possible to create a new intensive treatment in San Raffaele, which is an initiative for it They got Ambrogino d’oroMilan’s highest honor. Moreover, the Italian lands encouraged tourism and entered the terrain of the (failed) female conquests with Speech on “Being a Woman in 2020” He listed the pitfalls that still make us today a “very patriarchal and patriarchal society, in which women are judged differently from men but also by women.” The final battle in recent weeks has been against the Lombardy region’s slow vaccinationFirst, publish the cards and data about the Lombards who should be vaccinated and then come to contact Prime Minister Mario Draghi after Vides’ grandmother was called to obtain the vaccine after Viraigney’s private participation.

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