It will be the last of its kind

Vision 80 Lotus’s transfer to the Chinese Geely Group, which already owns Volvo and shareholders in Daimler, has led to the opening of a new training course for the English company. The first tangible outgrowth of a new property is Lotus Eviga, The elite electric supercar built in only 120 units at a cost of 2 million euros, which will soon go into serial production. Evija is the first step in the plan Vision 80 It defines its future, and consists of a complete product portfolio review.

the prince – At an online event today, Hethel announced another big news, which is Lotus princess (From which some teaser pictures were released), the last traditional sports car before the company enters into its future, which will be exclusively electric. Emira (the name means leader) will be presented on July 6th and will be presented exclusively with engine Combustion Non-hybrid. Emira, known internally by the codename Type 131, is designed to resurrect the “spirit” of Esprit. The manufacturer did not disclose technical details, but according to some rumors, the car should be available with two engine options: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, coming from a new technical partner, and the same 3.5 V6 engine of Toyota origin used at Evora. Instead, the model will be affected by the Evija electric supercar.

Four platforms Future Lotus models will be based on four new platforms. over there Prince It will utilize the Lotus Sports Car lightweight aluminum platform known internally as the Racist; It is a much modified version of the Evora floor. In addition to this third platform, which Evija uses, is called has evolvedDesigned for premium models that guarantee large profit margins, including SUVs and luxury sedans. Evolution is developed in the UK, but the cars based on it will be produced at the new Lotus plant in Wuhan, China. The fourth platform is called E-sportsIt was jointly developed with the Renault Group’s sports division, Alpine. It is responsible for developing electric sports cars, which are flexible and modular, and will give life to two models, one with the Lotus brand and the other with the Alpine brand.

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Lotus spirit – Lotus has ensured that all its future cars preserve the spirit that has always characterized the house, and thus will be models with a thoughtful design according to aerodynamics, and able to guarantee Driving and handling At the height of the brand.

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