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The novelty was announced after an agreement signed in Japan. Now Spotify, Netflix, and the like will be able to communicate with their customers from within the apps using a link

we are here: An apple Get serious with the changes made toApp Store. After days of small, notably inconclusive announcements, news arrives that could begin to change the (economic) balance of power between Cupertino and developers of applications that allow View and reproduce digital content (So: Spotify, Netflix, Kindle, and the like).

starting fromBeginning of next year, Apple allows these developers Insert a link to your websites in the apps.

It may seem like a technical detail, but it isn’t: at the moment, relationships with those who download and use apps are entirely mediated by Apple House. To make subscription renewals and transactions in real time, developers must use the App Store payment system and give Apple commission from 15 to 30%. Otherwise – as happens with Spotify and Netflix – they won’t be able to connect with their customers with alternative offers or information on how to buy online, outside of the store.

Wednesday, August 27, the first franchise has arrived: developers will be able to use it Communication tools outside the app, such as e-mail. a week afteropen linksEven more annoying: With today’s announcement, Apple made it clear that it will offer the ability to include a single link to your website to help users set up and manage their accounts and help developers protect users when they’re logged in. With a link to an external site to make purchases.

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And therefore: Page links will be allowed to pay, or at least explain how to do it, which when used raises the developers commission from 15-30%. For Spotify, which accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior in 2019, we’re not there yet: the limited patch. La Mela reiterated that it believes that in-app purchases through the App Store commerce system remains the safest and most reliable mode.

L ‘Today’s announcement It comes a few days after the approval of a South Korean law banning the imposition of a payment system for stores due to Agreement signed in Japan After an investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission. The ability to send emails was also the result of a court settlement reached in the United States.

Further decisions may come after the trial verdict against Epic Games – and it’s worth noting that i games Not part of the class of apps that can use bindings: irrational exclusion, According to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic. More understandable if you look at the App Store revenue pie: Slides shown during the Epic process, for 2016, Highlight That 80% comes from games.

This way of working – small changes tempered over time – is set to remain unchanged as long as the ball remains largely in Apple’s hands: on the contrary, other countries, starting with the US and Europe, should legislate this Like South Korea can start another game.

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