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“It was very early in Australia. I wanted a smaller tournament.”

Italy won the singles against France, and won the Group C of the ATP Cup and And qualifies for the semi-finals scheduled for Friday, versus the first in the second group (Spain, Australia or Greece). In light of the results of today’s other matches, unless Prevularakis has miracles – Bautista Agut must be defeated – Led by Nadal, Spain will face Italy in the semi-finals.

Let’s see how the Italian Challenge went.

The first singular
F. Fognini (ITA) b. Pierre 6-1, 7-6 (2) (Stefano Tarantino)

First group without date – The precedents were in favor of the Frenchman, who advanced 3-1, and Fognini’s only win goes back to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Fognini wins a draw and picks up. On a hotter day than the day before, Bayer sent very well and kept the serve at 15, Fabio is no less, twice aces and I’m playing zero. “Personal” Pierre came out with all his recklessness in the third game, 4 consecutive double faults and thanked Italy, 2-1 Funini and the service. The fourth game was played, and the 17 players to the Players Union received two points to break his service, but with the service he remains on his feet and in the end confirms the break after playing 14 points.

The two contenders look no better at good picks and a good alternative with coarse bonuses. Paire continues to offer free and double fouls (the French player is already 10 years old), his opponent rises 15-40 and there are two balls for 4-1 “heavy”. Bayer canceled the first goal with a wonderful winning kick, but the second time, despite a great shot by tennis player Fugnini, he overcame him and with a great recovery from the pure touch, he made the second half. Suddenly, the Frenchman entered into a prolonged break, and a part of 8 points against 2 Fognini easily closes 6-1 the first group that had a working history until the fourth half. The Frenchie looks completely out of shape and also very unforgiving, Fognini is a little better than yesterday but the opponent makes the job a lot easier.

Stretch FOGNINI – Monfils tries to cheer up his countryman but the music doesn’t change. Fognini holds the tape easily upon opening and then Paire with two double defects (we at 7) paves the way The fourth consecutive game for the Italian tennis player That telling the truth helps in the establishment with a winning line with a screaming backhand. French player No.2 tries to return to the game, tries to keep exchanges from baseline, and in turn takes advantage of two double faults by Fognini, extending to 15-40. But as in the first part, the Italian tennis player is very good at saving himself by continuing to joke (also thanks to two free opponents) and ring The ninth game in a row of the match.

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Husband’s rise – Paire went less than 15-30 in the fourth game but on the edge reacts with nerves, grabs his serve and then gets 3 break points in the next match thanks to the third double foul of Fonini. The first chance was canceled but in the second he really missed Funini and brought his opponent back to the match 3-2 Italy but sends Bayer. Monfils frees himself from the bench to support a colleague who now believes in a comeback. He dropped 0-30 in the next round of bats but then with determination and talent not lacking, he straightened the score and closed Fognini at 3-3. It seems that the Italian tennis player lost confidence before Bayer returned, and the Frenchman insists on getting three balls to win the fourth game in a row. Fabio cancels the first two however Wonderful short ball from Paire followed by an open floor kick, shot 4-3 and served, and the game flipped completely. Paire now goes to all the balls and strikes like a blacksmith from all positions, and Fognini is nervous knowing he has squandered a good advantage, even Psychic. Monfils practically plays the captain and accompanies Paire on the field who serves to send the match up to the third at 5-4.

FOGNINI avoided the third group – The Frenchman, however, stumbles, commits the double ninth foul in the match first, then strikes a comfortable ball on the net, 15-40 Fognini. Bayer cancels the two break points, but Funini gets the third. Here is a very good Italian tennis player because he is Guess a passer-by directly along the winning line in a very narrow lane, against breaking Italy, 5-5. The two competitors maintain the service easily, he goes to break the tie. Fognini starts off very well with the first half that leads them to 3-1. A free back kick takes Pierre back, but from 3-2 The Italian tennis player loses four consecutive points and closes the competition after an hour and 19 minutes. Italy lead 1-0 with France. Now it’s up to Brettini against Monfils. We only need one point to reach the semi-finals.

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The second singular
M. Beretini (ITA) b. Monfils (France) 6-4 6-2 (Villa Tommaso)

Primo Group – Berettini had won the only previous competition, the fourth at the 2019 US Open that represented a fundamental shift in his career so far. For Monfils, this is not an easy moment: he has not won a match in nearly a year, since the Dubai Championships last February; Since then there have been five consecutive defeats, four defeats after a round break, the last of which was retirement in Vienna against Carreno Busta.

At first, Berettini struggled to put the first on the field (He started with three points out of ten), and after winning the first four points with the second point, he lost three, one of which gave Monfils a break point, good at staying deep while recovering and then speeding up with a forehand – a backhand that gave the French a 3-1 error. The group looked destined for a fast ending at 1-4 0-30 in the transmission Brettini is so detested (nearly half of his 24 unpaid team arrived at the start of the game), when the blue suddenly started finding the first, Winning more fast points, going 2-4 and catching up when Monfils went to serve from the side of the field as the sun gave more trouble to throw the ball. ATP N.11 tried to slow the serve down because he couldn’t see the ball well, and Berettini immediately took advantage of it and responded forcefully and climbed to break the ball with a damping.

A frontal foul gave him the match, and he brought him back in the wake. Nevertheless, Monfils continued to provide several answers on the field, climbing 15-40 with a significant rebound from the backhand down the streak, but the Italian was saved in both cases and then in a third thanks to serving from the left (winning ace and second). Frustrated at best, Monfils completely knocked out of the ring with a forehand blowThere is no point in being in a defensive position on this side and calming down with the first (in addition to being distracted by the dragonfly that was flying around the field), he goes a few meters in more than one circumstance: in the ninth game, four of these mistakes arrived (17 lm) Forcing him in the micro) appease Decisive break for Berettini who kept peace of mind 6-4 (and the fifth game in a row) after 42 minutes..

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the second group – The French player reconfigured himself by playing more straight passes, and the exchanges began to lengthen, but Bertini continued to respond on the field, breaking the ball in the third half with another non-coercive forehand by La Monf, who, however, was blocked inside – on and after So directly with the service and running. The warning aroused the nerves of the French player, whose net was missed by a double foul and was broken On a direct passer by Berrettini in what is by far the most beautiful point in the tournament, between backlash attacks, passantini cuts, recovery from the blow, direct passers-by on the run and screaming belluino.

The backhand cut was the decisive blow for BerettiniThe grandchildren completely defused as Monfils tried to stay afloat: the decisive break in the fifth inning came above all thanks to three points facilitated by the deceptive slide that definitely drowned out the French’s certainty.

After MTO for a shoulder problem, Monfils recovered one of the two breaks To zero he plays a great game in defense (only the first on the court for the Romans), but Berettini did not lose focus and rose 15-40 thanks to a lob and a double foul, placing the decisive extension at the end of the drawn-out exchange in which he knows when to push an inward forehand, causing Opponent failed. The Frenchman received a final blow to the tail, taking four non-consecutive balls of 3-5, but Perrettini took over the exchange. By the front blow in all circumstances, the net was closed and Italy qualified.

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