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Since ancient times, the trial of Medea, accused of killing her children, has seen innocent and guilty parties oppose each other. From Colchis to Australia, from myth to reality, now on the counter-court barricadesThere are judges and scholars. On the podium, a mother of four, she was born one by one and all of them died even before their second birthday.

Media Kathleen Fulbig is from Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2003, when she was 35 years old, Volbig had already spent nearly 18 years in prison after her trial. Guilty of the manslaughter of his eldest son Caleb and of his three other children, Patrick, Sarah and Laura. The court ruled that he had strangled them all. A monster is the arbiter of public opinion who attacked her with the scarlet letter of Australia’s worst serial killer.

Last week, the plot of the tragedy unfolded: a petition signed by 90 prominent scientists and geneticists demanding a pardon and his immediate release. Among the signatories are two Nobel Prize winners and the President of the Australian Academy of Sciences Professor John Shane. According to scientists, a birth defect caused the deaths of the babies. Experts analyzed the Folbigg genome and found a rare mutation in the CALM2 gene. These abnormalities are related to conditions that cause an irregular heartbeat that can cause cardiac arrest or sudden death in children. When analyzing the samples, it became clear that Sarah and Laura had the same genetic mutation as their mother and may have died from the deformities.. Moreover, studies and tests revealed that Caleb and Patrick had two very rare variants of the BSN gene, linked to neurological problems and fatal seizures. Then Patrick was diagnosed with epilepsy before birth. So it’s hard not to see a connection.

Kathleen – in fact – was found guilty on the basis of circumstantial evidence. At the time, it was her husband who denounced her after reading her diary. Here he found disturbing sentences written. This means that Sarah died with some help. Help, the mother – who has always claimed to be innocent – explained that she attributed her to God, then another sentence. Obviously, I’m my father’s daughter, Kathleen wrote referring to her mother being stabbed to death by her partner, when Kathleen was only 18 months old..

To date, the New South Wales court has dismissed two appeals against Fulbigh’s ruling – which in 2005 went from 40 to 30 years old – without the possibility of parole. And if state attorney Mark Speakman says today that the scholars ’petition will be carefully considered, it is clear how the Australian justice system is now in danger of winding up in the storm. Because of what could be one of the worst judicial mistakes in history. A story that has long condemned Medea. And any time can change.

March 12, 2021 (Change to March 12, 2021 | 9:48 PM)

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