It was Kate Middleton’s family business

Carole and Michael Middleton’s party pieces have suffered a major setback with the pandemic leading up to the crash: they pioneered the party decorations and decorations sector

Even adults cry.

Founded in 1987 – on the occasion of Kate’s fifth birthday – and party cut by Carol and Michael Middleton It has quickly become one of the leaders in the festive decor sector and has dominated trade throughout the UK for years. with the pandemic The company’s balance sheet started to falter until it reached its final balance sheet Collapses.

new owner

This was not enough for the Middleton couple A loan of about 220 thousand pounds It was acquired by National Westminster Bank during quarantine to save Party Pieces from bankruptcy.

the Anti-Covid Restrictions issued a decision to terminate the business of the spouses’ company, Forced to sell The company for the businessman in the sector James Sinclair To No. 180 thousand pounds with a Pre-package management packageA procedure that allows an insolvent company to sell its assets to a buyer before the appointment of managers.

Who will pay the £220,000 debt?

The debt contracted to the National Bank of Westminster remained unpaid meanwhile: they will now be me Taxpayers have to pay 80% Based on rules that came into force in the UK during the Covid-19 health emergency, the period when parties were banned.

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