“It still has a lot of things to say, with independent stories and great expansions.” –

In a recent interview with Forbes, People Can Fly’s creative director spoke of a future Outriders. The future which, given the success of these watches, appears increasingly pink. So, you don’t have to worry about: People can fly “There are still a lot of things to say.” The problem is knowing how to distribute this content, because the game does not have a game as a service structure. But there is a solution to this as well, the team is already thinking “to deceive.” Free standing stories and great expansions“.

Have you read our first impressions of the Outriders Final Edition?

Partic QuantaIn fact, he made it clear that the game’s future would depend, however, on its success. The success that nowadays leads to many technical issues, such as servers that were unreachable even yesterday. But it also means that many are passionate about the game and make it a worthwhile project.

“We never said we’re leaving the game. It is true that the game is not a game as a service, but if people like it, we will definitely create more things in the Outriders world. We have a lot.” Stories To say and many more ideas that we want to try, but they do not fit the original game. But we will be happy to create more content in the future. However, everything we do will be in the form of major expansions with stand-alone stories. “

This statement fits with what the team has also said in the past, which is that Outriders is a complete game and DLCs will not be based on trimmed content.

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