It only takes 10 minutes in the sun to refuel this precious vitamin

The sun, as we know, is essential to the well-being of our bones and strengthens our immune system: we really can’t do without it.

But not only that, sunlight is also able to increase serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which improves our mood dramatically.


It is clear that excessive exposure to the sun, especially without proper protection, can harm us and cause skin diseases.

It only takes 10 minutes in the sun to refuel this precious vitamin

We are talking about vitamin D, which is an essential substance for our body, which is responsible for the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D is produced through the skin under the influence of the sun, when the wavelength of solar radiation is very intense.

It must be admitted that reaching the correct daily dose of vitamin D in winter is difficult, because UV rays are weak and we are especially covered.

Suppose that when sunbathing it is important to discover weapons, sum and legs, taking care not to burn ourselves and use adequate protection.

In general, it is recommended, for example in the middle of January, to stay in the sun for about 130 minutes each day.

Whereas, during this month, even with only 25% of the body exposed, 10 minutes is sufficient, the sun’s rays are clearly more intense.

Instead, expose yourself to the sun for 20 minutes every two days to allow our body to produce the right amount.

It is clear that with the advent of autumn, for example in October, it will be necessary to stay in the sun for at least thirty minutes.

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In this way, the body makes a form of vitamin D, which is useful in preventing diseases such as osteoporosis or other diseases.

It only takes 10 minutes in the sun to refuel this precious vitamin, an economical method that also allows us to do so take a tan.

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