It might just arrive on the Nintendo Switch Pro according to one of the leaks –

Through a Twitter hacker, we discover new information related to Jinshin effect, MiHoYo’s free role-playing game is available on PC and PlayStation consoles, as well as on mobile devices. It is also expected to be the popular video game on the Nintendo Switch, which will allow fans to continue their adventures in a portable format without necessarily having to use a smartphone. Now, however, it appears the game could be put on hold and could become exclusive Nintendo Switch Pro.

Specifically, the information comes from Jinshin ReportAs you can see below. The Twitter account answered a series of questions from users, based on the information in its possession. Among other things, the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch release date has been brought up. The answer was: “Maybe this year. There were problems with the weaker hardware.”

However, the account suggests there is a possibility that the Switch’s release of the Genshin Impact has been delayed becoming exclusive Nintendo Switch Pro, The unofficial name we refer to the alleged (but for some time) new version of the Kyoto home hybrid console.

Even the leaker states that the information shared should be read cautiously, as there is no time yet, so miHoYo’s plans can change in various ways. At the moment, of course, all that is reported is nothing but a file Rumor. There is nothing left to do but wait for new official information. Meanwhile, we can see the new character Eula dancing and fighting in the trailer.

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