It is wonderful Italy! Five relays in the Tokyo Olympics

Extraordinary news arrives from Poland for the blue mission. Italy makes sprint en-plein in Chorzow on the first day of World Relays, placing in the last five of the five relays that have been published and, above all, Bucericimo completing the Olympic qualification that was tonight’s goal. The first to qualify are Blue Rafaela Locudo, Eleonora Marchiando, Petra Nardelli and Iomid Voloronso. Who won the final deserving of the Olympic card for the Japanese Games. The tricolor quartet sealed its battery third behind Poland and Belgium, but it separated the Tokyo Ticket thanks to a best time-of-return (3’30 ”04) that guarantees the final in Poland. Then it’s up to Fausto Desalu, Marcell Jacobs, Davide Manenti and Filippo Tortu who control the third battery of the 4x100m race. At 38 “45 ahead of South Africa (38” 49) and France (39 “08) who won the final match (best time) and got the pass to review the five districts.

The World Relays Finals is on Sunday

But Italia will also compete in Japan in the 4×400 hybrid Which will make its debut in the Tokyo Olympic program. Protagonists Edoardo Scotti, Giancarla Trevisan, Alice Mangione and Davide Re who won their battery at 3’16 ”52 (best world time experience of the season) ahead of Belgium (3’17” 23) and Colombia (3’17 ”61). Thus, women’s 4×400, men’s 4×100 and mixed 4×400 cars will be added to the men’s 4×400 and women’s 4×100 that won the card in the Doha World Championships 2019. And to allow Italy to participate in all relay races scheduled for the Games. Tomorrow is the World Substitutions Championship finals, with the participation of five Italian relays in the race. The number of eligible Tokyo blues increased to 235 (120 men, 115 women).

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