It is possible to chop an onion without crying: we offer you different alternatives to do it, you just have to choose one

Slice an onion without crying when you’re gone (Source Pixabay)

You don’t always have to cry when chopping onions; It is possible to avoid it, and here are some tricks to use.

there Onion It’s really good, raw it gives flavor to our salads, cooking it enriches many other dishes, but what a struggle to cut it without crying. It is possible to avoid this if you follow our tricks.

But do you know why your eyes are burning and you can’t help but water? Because onions during the development phase suck matchsticks From the soil they produce alliinase, which is an irritant that they use to defend themselves from predators.

When emotions release this substance that irritates the nerve endings of the eye. Is it impossible not to cry then?

Actually this is possible, you just need to follow some precautions. Let’s see what to do so as not to cry when we cut onions.

Tricks not to cry

Conventional wisdom says that if you keep it in your mouth sip of water While chopping onions your eyes will stay dry. Seems weird but it actually seems to work. This is how another grandmother’s remedy seems to work: Chew some bread as cut. Cut what you have to do with a very sharp knife in order to do it sooner, and that if you often pass under water it will stop you from crying. How about keeping onions in freezer for half an hour before chopping it up? This will prevent annoying gassing immediately.

Keeping them in water for a while will also have the same effect, but keep in mind that you will lose some of the flavor of the onions. Another thing to remember is how you cut it. Peel it first with your hands without trimming it as you normally would, and only then proceed with the cut, thus avoiding as long as possible exposure to the alinease.

Tricks to avoid crying food (source Pixabay)

A few more tricks

If you pre-chopped onions, rub the cutting board with a spatula Lemon, Not only will you avoid crying, but you’ll also make sure your cutting board doesn’t smell bad afterwards. Funniest secret? Did you know they created some Eyeglasses To cut onions exclusively? It sticks well to the face, it protects the eyes because it does not allow irritating gases to pass through. An excellent alternative is swimming goggles.

Finally, remember when you have some leftovers Chopped onion To keep it well wrapped in transparent film or in a tightly closed container, possibly in the refrigerator. Do you know why? In addition to preventing its smell from spreading everywhere, you will also prevent the spread of bacteria.

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