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If you can’t answer right away, don’t worry: WhatsApp video calls will open even at a later time. But there is still something on the web…

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It was announced some time ago, WhatsApp, that it will change its video calling function settings. Transfer it to the web version, for example, a real big flaw that appeared especially during the shutdown, when the online chat platforms were evacuated. However, the joinable group video call It’s not really big news. In fact, the alleged group video calls have been widely advertised which can be accessed at a later time. It will certainly be a very convenient feature for everyone.

Since it is not uncommon to receive a video call on WhatsApp and not be able to answer right away, Being able to access it later is a big possibility Not staying out. So far, the only option was to respond and maybe wait until you were in the best shape to be able to talk. or not answer at all. All this, from now on, will definitely change.

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WhatsApp is getting better: What is Joinable Group Videocall

The positive thing about Joinable Group Videocall is definitely the fact that it doesn’t need any new apps or downloading anything. Simply put, WhatsApp has changed the way it visualizes its functionality, adapting it to almost every need. All video calls, from now on, They will have this option by default. If we are unable to answer the call, the phone will notify us through the app that the video is still in progress and tap the camera icon to be able to enter without problems. Basically, there will be no need for anyone to call us back.

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One step at a time though. Video calling will, for now, continue to be available exclusively on the mobile versions of the app, Android and iOS. There is no group calling on WhatsApp Web, at the moment, even if they promised from Menlo Park that they would be arriving soon. However, many signs have already been registered from the general state of the application. In April 2020, a full-blown pandemic, Calls extended to 8 participants. Anyway, given the times, it seems that WhatsApp is in no hurry. Obviously, the gold nugget is elsewhere.

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