It is not lavender but it has a strong smell, it is used in the kitchen and it is good for health

Everyone wants a fragrant garden full of colorful flowering plants. Then in the garden you cannot miss this beautiful plant to see it really very useful in the kitchen. This is not lavender but it has a strong aroma, it is used in the kitchen and it is good for health which is why it is so convenient to have it in the garden. This plant is also ideal for growing in plantings or pots and gives a lot of aroma during flowering.

How to grow licorice helichrysum

Many people also know it as the “curry plant”. Actually it isLicorice helichrysum Which does not have much in common with curry. The reasons for this name are not very clear, but there are many reasons for the presence of this plant in the garden. First of all, it is a very beautiful plant to look at for its long, silver-leaning green leaves. During flowering it reaches the utmost beauty and gives unmistakable scents.

Growing them is very simple because the plant has only one request: sandy soil. In fact, it dislikes stagnant water and does not require frequent watering. In short, licorice is not a lavender but has a strong aroma, and it is used in the kitchen and is good for health.

How to use it in the kitchen

Why does licorice grow helichrysum? And for multiple uses in the kitchen and has important healing properties. It will be necessary to collect flowers and leaves and dry them before consumption.

In particular, the leaves are an ideal way to flavor all kinds of meats. Many use dried licorice leaves to season chicken to perfection. Also excellent as a blended herbal tea. But here are its main healing properties.

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Important properties of licorice helichrysum

The greatest benefits of this plant are its diuretic properties and the healing power of coughs and infections. The plant is also considered a natural anti-allergic and has an important anti-aging effect on cells and tissues. Also excellent against stretch marks and facial acne, some beauty treatments also use helichrysum to fight cellulite.


This is just one of many ideal plants in the garden. Here it is instead What other plants Scented in the garden for an exotic and perfect atmosphere.

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