It is not always necessary to pay rai fees, there are many who do not know this and are mistaken

Rai fees, did you know you don’t always have to pay them? Below are the cases in which you can request a waiver. This procedure is very simple!

Pay attention to it, during election rallies in light of political elections, as it is one of the most attractive topics. Party leaders of the right, center and left use it as a key open your heart of potential voters.

Here are the cases where the RAI license fee is not mandatory –

We will fight for the abolition of rai feesHow many times have we heard ads like this? It’s a method win easily, since Rai fees It represents a tax that Italians don’t like very much, to put it mildly. A possession tax that causes hives is about the same as a car tax. A few years ago, payment of the aforementioned was introduced directly on the bill.

The current payment system was in fact introduced starting in July 2016 by the government headed by Matteo Renzi. In this case, it was also decided to reduce the tax from 113 to 90 euros in 10 installments of 9 euros each.

The Renzi government’s decision to include the payment of fees in the bill was necessitated by extreme evasion. However, there are cases in which exemption from paying the obnoxious tax can be expected. Let’s see what are the specific cases.

Goodbye RAI Fee: This is when you don’t have to pay

Here is a list of specific cases in which tax is not required to be paid:

The opinion fee is not mandatory for these cases – (
  • If you do not have television or a television set designed to receive a radio and television signal;
  • In the event that you are old 75 years oldor higher, and total income, also including the spouse’s income, not higher than 8,000 euros annual;
  • If you fall into one of the following categories: diplomatic agents, consular officers or employees, or officials of international organisations, belonging to NATO forces stationed in Italy and having a non-Italian nationality;
  • Finally for holders Law 104For family members who depend on them for tax purposes, there is no tax exemption unless the disabled person is admitted to a nursing home and declares that they do not have a television set.

Even in these days when a profound change is taking place in Viale Mazzini, the historic seat of Rai, at the level of managers who will then have to lead the state-owned company in the coming years, a vote Possible deletion of Rai fees. Dream or reality?

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