It is not a “party” for women as long as there is no real equality between the sexes

While K. “woman’s Day”There is one thing to stress, and that is this Today – March 8th – No, it’s not Women’s Day, it’s International Women’s Day.. The woman’s Day Born in 1909, in the United States, by the will of the American Socialist Party, H. Deserves to be called by his real name. Accuracy actually conceals a fundamental difference: The title “Women’s Day” is actually a title coined by the “pop culture” in recent decades – used only in Italy – that tends to disperse The strong social and political importance of the opposition to powerWomen, whose battles in the socialist sphere became their bearer at the beginning of the twentieth century. This eliminates any sense of reflection, due to the celebrations that only see March 8th as a greater “freedom” day for women, magically portrayed as “unique and essential,” in thanking her for her services.

The alternative – somewhat plausible – versions that the media have begun to publish contribute to, among other things, expanding the scope of an imagination in which women are not heroes, but victims: just think of the story according to which, on the same date – March 8th – broke out A New York shirt factory fire kills 123 Italian and Jewish immigrant women. Story, this one, too, is only partially true, because the fire did, however March 25. In fact, International Women’s Day was born to celebrate A women’s initiativeAnd not to commemorate the deaths. Nevertheless, the narrative of “sacrificial victims” prevails, which today accompanies the image of women in this way: the same person who still has to strive to accept the same rights as men, as well as the respect that, tangibly in relationships, is an almost rare recognition. .

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Examples of (inequality) gender equality

Women don’t need mimosa and chocolate, but they are recognized and appreciated. Attempts to introduce them into historical patriarchal contexts are futile, if the only motive behind some moves is to preserve the image: it is always mentioned that women make up for “mistakes”. From politics to sport, examples don’t take long to fail, to the point where they touch lighter entertainment zones, where there is not even a full recognition of the qualities of the female universe. The Sanremo Festival, From that point of view, he knows something about it, and Amadeus – Coach for the second year in a row – also warned us. Despite his “slips”, the presenter was confirmed by the ratings he had scored in the previous release – the best in the past 20 years. Success thus obscured the controversies that arose regarding the “traits” attributed to women. “Very beautiful” H “Able to stay lagging one step” Which he chose on his part, for which he justified himself, describing it as a mere “misunderstanding”.

But we women – whom we certainly do not forget – are capable of forgiveness, and therefore we are here ready to give a second chance to Amadeus the Good, who decided in order to reciprocate the benevolence to reaffirm The method of work Last year, repeat the “different woman for every evening” formula. A gesture – to be acknowledged – garnered recognition thanks to the opportunity more women have had to take to the stage.Ariston – Always especially desirable – but also the criticism dictated by the short time that, after all, everyone should make themselves known and appreciated by the audience. However, we are not here to meet. On the contrary, we are here to emphasize how much Pravora A woman, even if she is “very beautiful,” does not need any more time: time is just an added value. He has shown us, among many others, Matilda de Angelis, The actress who made it clear early in the evening that she had all the qualifications to support the most important stage in Italy: not only as a leader, but as a 360-degree artist; And then Beatrice Finzi Which aired during the evening last Friday, with a few words, but clear and said with a smile, in a few seconds he chased A More Fundamental Feminist – What Even Women Don’t Like. I’m the conductor of an orchestra. Amadeus, who was presenting it as a director, corrected it. Clarifying that some “democratic women” did not understand much, accusing Finzi of committing a grave mistake in relinquishing her role to the male: “No, Finzi, it doesn’t work like that. Language was and remains central to the battle between the sexes.” But although essential, does this language (s) not fall into dictatorial rule? Maybe it’s time to stop with politically correct And take action.

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“Men should be happy because women want equality, not revenge.”

Writer Moth Note he said that “Men should be happy because women want equality, not revenge.” Well, this is the path women chose: What does not consist of reciprocity in the same currency, but only in the struggle for recognition of principles, values, rights and duties are recognized on equal terms for men. Clinging to words to demand one gender – who neither wants nor wants to outdo the other – ends up fighting a war with the same weapons that women have suffered for years: that, that is, differentiation. And if we really have to differentiate ourselves, then Let’s do that on this. Announced himself “Director” does not mean denying that you are a womanI am not proud of it. But just to focus on what she knows how to do, because “competency and merit make the difference,” just like Finzi wanted to remind us.

Diversity does not automatically imply the existence of hierarchies: Accepting diversity is, in fact, the first step to being able to redefine that world in which we all deserve – without discrimination – to exist, as well as to “compete” in order to achieve certain goals. “You cannot enter here.” It’s a sign that doesn’t apply to animals anymore, either. If we increase – the whole – the cultural level, we will automatically learn to respect women, as well as men: As well as ourselves. Every day, too, and truly, on the 8th of March.

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