It is forbidden to miss these 4 bonuses in September to receive hundreds of euros in non-repayable money

In these hours, some important rewards are about to expire (or have recently expired). Reference to the so-called “alternative” non-repayable grant (expiring today), al Rental Bonus (Monday 6) and Culture Bonus (deadline August 31).

However, others can still be asked. Therefore, it is especially forbidden to miss these four bonuses in September to receive hundreds of euros in non-repayable money. Let’s see what it is, among those aimed exclusively at families and singles.

Spa Bonus and TV Cancellation Bonus

have I already explained the details of these two bonuses without ISEE, and therefore they are available to everyone. Here we briefly summarize the main steps.

Starting from last August 23 until the end of the year (subject to exhaustion of the allocated funds), the TV bonus can be requested. This is a 20% discount, up to a maximum of 100 euros, for those who buy a new device suitable for DVB-T2 technologies.

On the other hand, the Spa Bonus (also called the Relaxation Bonus) allows you to use a voucher up to €200 to use the spa services.

However, we would like to inform the reader that this bonus is not yet active at the moment. In fact, it will be starting from the publication of the notice of opening of services on the Invitalia website and the Ministry of Economic Development. Basically, you have to wait for the list of operators to be published where it will be possible to actually spend the receipt.

Single allowance (AU) bridging for minors

In fact, it is not a real bonus, but a support measure that the legislator wants for the benefit of families with minors. They can be requested from July 1 through December 31, when the final (or comprehensive) allowance will come into effect. This will bring together all the support measures currently in place and simplify it.

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However, the significance of the application of this month is related to the right to arrears. In fact, only applications submitted by September 30 are eligible for checks for July and August, in addition to the current month.

We briefly recall the requirements: first of all, residence in Italy and ISEE less than 50 thousand euros. Then having one or more dependent minor children who are not already receiving an ANF (Family Unit Benefit). The application must be sent directly on the portal of the Social Security Agency, through the special service available. Finally remember it Even those who receive citizenship income in these three cases must apply for AU.

It is forbidden to miss these 4 bonuses in September to receive hundreds of euros in non-repayable money

The holiday bonus was definitely one of the most sought after of 2020 (when it went into effect), after the dark months of the first shutdown.

In fact, we specify that those who did not request these rewards in 2020 cannot request them now. While those who did spend it (because they ordered it last year), they can’t request a second voucher. Basically, until the end of the year, it will still be possible to spend only those that are already needed, but not yet used.

The bonus allows you to get a discount (up to 500 euros) on booking and paying for the hotel. However, it must be based in the national territory and be included among the participants in the holiday bonus initiative.

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INPS will pay €400 per month to these beneficiaries even if they receive citizenship income.

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