It is enough to sprinkle coffee to protect the mouth from infections and bacteria

Anything we take orally has an effect on our bodies. In other words, every drink and every food has an effect on our bodies. These, of course, can be negative or positive for our health. Therefore, it is up to us to get to know them, in order to calibrate the food choices in the best way. Therefore, we try to exploit all the advantages offered by some of these ingredients and avoid the risks created by others at the same time.

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While many people are aware of the benefits that some of the main foods of our Mediterranean diet can provide, not everyone knows about spices and herbs to the same extent. Less known and used, in fact, more often than not some of these things are not valued as they deserve. However, despite small and rarely doses, including them in the diet can be more than beneficial.

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It is enough to sprinkle coffee to protect the mouth from infections and bacteria

Today we want to reveal the unknown abilities of the spice. Which, unlike many others, appears to be quite rare and therefore less well known. However, the health benefits of using it are only insignificant. Let’s find out what it is. In fact, just sprinkling coffee is enough to protect the mouth from infections and bacteria. Let’s talk about cardamom.

It is very tasty and full of tropical flavor and spice. In fact, among the different ways to drink coffee, the favorite one for many is to add a bit of bitter coffee. It gives the drink a strong and aromatic flavour.

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In addition to the taste it gives, there are other interesting advantages that cardamom possesses. In fact, from one studio Evidence shows that this spice has a therapeutic role in relation to gum infections. Those that affect the tissues of the gums and teeth. In fact, cardamom has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Therefore, to add flavor to the coffee and to prevent the possibility of bacteria and infections, it may be a good idea to add a drizzle every now and then. However, we always recommend that you get your doctor’s opinion first.


It seems impossible, but adding this spice to foods stimulates memory and delays aging.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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