“It is dangerous to be an ally of America.” The episode that embarrasses Biden

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The President of Colombia breaks his alliance and radicalism

The honeymoon with the Allies is over. Colombian President run out He demanded the resignation of his government and announced his separation from the coalition of parties that have supported him since he assumed power by launching an “emergency government”. The relief comes nine months into his presidency over controversial healthcare reform. Petro showed no patience for the criticism of the centrist wing that supported him and turned left, radicalizing his administration. It all started with a vote on healthcare reform in Congress on Tuesday, which his allies in the Conservative Party, the People’s Union Party and the Liberal Party rejected. An hour later, during a speech to hand over some land in Valle del Cauca, Petro criticized Parliament and political parties for not advancing his reform process.

Petro rebuked his allies in the center for not working on this “day and night” by calling for the mobilization of the peasant movement to assert its rights. Finally, he asked the mediators who support him to resign: “Those who can no longer work day and night on how to lower food prices, how to hand over land to farmers, how to get more food and so lower prices, because this is a fundamental point of our peace, there is no place have in our government.” Even the former president Juan Manuel Santosclose to Petro on peace issues, questioned Petro’s healthcare reform on Twitter: “President Petro: Colombia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. I’m not saying this, says The Lancet. Of course there is a lot to improve, but we can’t destroy it all. What we built.”

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Biden praises the Petro, who does not protect a Democratic ally of the United States

Tough opening from Wall Street Journal yesterday. “This is a rebuke to Biden, who called Petro a champion of democracy” during his recent visit to the White House: “I really want to thank you for your clear and strong commitment to peace and human rights across the Americas.” He tells us all the time. Except, it seems, on Tuesday’s jokes Wall Street Journal Referring to what happened to Guaido, whom Petro threatened with expulsion from Colombia on Tuesday after crossing the border on foot. Fearing for his safety, Guaidó contacted the United States, who helped him reach Miami. It becomes more and more dangerous to be an ally of America. The embarrassment comes a week after Colombian President Gustavo Petro visited the White House. president Joe Biden He commended him for the hospitality and support Colombia continues to show to Venezuelan refugees. It’s humane and generous for you, what you do. For the record, Guaidó is also a Venezuelan joker in closing wsj extension.

“Pele” enters the Portuguese language dictionary as a synonym for the word “unique”

Pele, the nickname of the late football legend, has become officially synonymous with “extraordinary, incomparable, unique”. Michaelis’ Dictionary of Portuguese, one of the most popular in Brazil, has added “pelé” as a new adjective to its online version.

Paolo Manzo, April 28, 2023

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