It is a scam and a postal police alert

High interest in fraud and false emails such as those linked to alleged payment related to revenue agency: Postal Police Alert

Unfortunately, the topic associated with scams and false emails does not cease to worry and attract attention, just as in the case of those that may be related to an alleged refund linked to the revenue agency. Postal police reports.

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There are many different i Fraud and fraud attempts Which you need to pay attention to, using caution And inquire. In this case, for example, as evidenced by the analysis of the situation police station , It is about Fake emails.

In detail, campaign phishing. Attempts like this indicate Tricks who are trying Deceive users to access private data. It can be the case of email and passwords. Or even card and bank account numbers.

Unfortunately, it is a phenomenon that has always existed, and it is a phenomenon online scam, who plays, so to speak, on afraid of people. from the public. But also about the fact that they may not be informed of a subject Online security. This detail goes to mislead by exploiting it for example ghostly Offers and discounts and how high it is.

False emails and alleged compensation from the Revenue Agency: what it is all about

the question Tricks Unfortunately, it is always central and for this reason it is necessary to inform, update and deepen in order to always be prepared and not fall for any scams.

Think telephone scams Regarding electricity and gas bills: here are the details to explore.

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But back to the point in question and to fake emails, As explains, these latest cases see the bad guys Revenue impersonation. In detail, they will suggest assumed repayment probabilities. The bad guys are taking advantage Forename of revenue as well as any Logos and titles Thus it looks like the original ones.

Shows that who agrees to click links Reportedly, it will then be done on a web portal designed to be very similar to the original portal. However, she is one trap It is in them, we read, that the personal data of the subjects are kept.

Postal police alert

on the gate PS Online Police Stationreads exactly to that effect for this new campaign phishing. The latter goes to take advantage of the alleged credit of Refund that would be related to the revenue.

He explains that it is a connection that arrives neatly across E-mail, Which leads the victim to send their own Credit card information. This is to allow for (False) The alleged payment issue.

An aspect that everyone should keep in mind is remembered. That is revenue agency, Like any other the body, Do not send email communications that they have attachments which must be done downloads. or links to click. Beside Never ask for personal and banking details via SMS or email.

And again, we remember that it is possible to refer to tax information through personal domain Available on the revenue portal. Furthermore, we have read that if you receive a suspicious text or email, we advise you to Do not give out any personal data. Just as it shouldn’t Do not proceed to open attachments or click links If there are. it is good Delete the message immediately.

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To reduce the arrival of unwanted mail, the operating system must be updated frequently and antivirus and antispam software can be installed on each device.

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