It hides in the undercarriage of the plane and lasts for 11 hours as it flies from South Africa to Europe

The passenger was discovered Sunday in the wheel compartment under the front of a cargo plane that had landed at Amsterdam Airport.

“It is unusual for someone to be I survived the cold At such a height, it is very unusual”, so the Dutch authorities commented on the startling discovery that occurred during inspections at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, where customers found Man hiding in a flying car Goods from South Africa. A stowaway was discovered Sunday morning in the wheel compartment under the nose of the plane, and a Cargolux cargo plane had just landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from Africa. Humans are thought to have traveled for about 11 hours in those conditions and at altitudes where the temperature drops as low as -47 and the oxygen levels drop.

“the man It’s fine considering the circumstances He was taken to hospital, “The Dutch police responsible for airport control clarified in a statement. The spokeswoman, Joanna Helmonds, explained that the man has been taken to hospital but his age and nationality have not yet been confirmed. His health, then we will listen to him.” Airport and airline officials said they could not comment further until Dutch police authorities had completed their investigation into the case. According to flight tracking data, the only Cargolux freighter that arrived in Schiphol on Sunday was a Boeing 747 freighter that left Johannesburg and has a stopover in Nairobi, Kenya.

Although it is a “wonderful fact that man is still alive” after this journey, This is not the first time this has happened. According to Joanne Helmonds herself, previous attempts have already included people from Nigeria and Kenya. These attempts often end in tragedy. Last year, for example, border police, also at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, discovered a lifeless Nigerian body in an oncoming flying car.

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