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in january The unemployment rate increased to 7.9% (+0.1 points last December), and the youth rate to 22.9% (+0.7 points).. This is indicated by Istat through the distribution of monthly estimates of the employed and the unemployed. The number of job seekers is growing every month (+ 1.7%, equal to +33 thousand units) among women and children under 50. In the annual comparison, On the other hand, the number of people looking for work is decreasing (-6.7% equals -143 thousand units). The inactivity rate decreases on a monthly basis to 33.9% (-0.2 points).

in january The increase in the number of workers continues to reach more than 23 million and 300 thousand. In particular, in January, staff grew by 0.2%, equal to +35 thousand units, on a monthly basis and by 2%, equal to +459 thousand units, on a year-over-year comparison basis, driven by permanent employees (+64 thousand in December 2022 and +464K in January 2022), while fixed-term contracts decreased (-12K and -47K, respectively). The employment rate increased to 60.8% (+0.1 points).

More than 23.3 million workers registered in January and the employment rate at 60.8% represents the highest level since the beginning of the monthly relative historical series of statistics (January 2004). It emerges from the Statistical Institute’s data.

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