It doesn’t matter which oven is ventilated or static, for perfect cooking there is always only one trick to know!

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to the everlasting doubts about it Settings From the oven.
There is no need to hide it, there are those who have at least had uncertainty when choosing a method of cooking in the oven and then there are those who lie!
Now, not only for the sake of taste but also for the sake of health, more and more people are deciding to cook in the oven. This daily use obviously makes the oven wear faster. Not to mention the many peels and unpleasant odors that inevitably escape from our oven.

In this regard, it is recommended “5 Super Fast Tricks to Always Oven Clean, Peel and Fragrant in 5 Minutes”.
Once we understand how to make the oven always clean and smell, we can move onto the trick that helps us cook all of our foods.


We don’t have to use a stationary oven or with a fan, because only one trick is needed for perfect cooking. Let’s see it together.

It doesn’t matter which oven is ventilated or static, for perfect cooking there is always only one trick to know!

As a general rule, when cooking in a static oven, foods are cooked more slowly and finely.

The stationary oven is suitable for cooking fermented products such as puddings, cakes, pizzas, plates, etc.
On the other hand, cooking with a convection oven is faster than another. It is suitable for cooking foods that should be crunchy on the outside and smoother on the inside. So it is perfect for excellent baked or toasted pasta.

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But the real trick is knowing one base rule.
In fact, it may happen that the oven only has a “static” mode or that it is in “ventilated” mode not working properly, or vice versa.

At this stage, it must be remembered that when the recipe requires cooking in a well-ventilated oven, but we have a stationary oven, it will be necessary to increase the temperature by about 20/25 degrees to obtain the desired effect.

On the other hand, when a recipe requires cooking in a stationary oven but we have a convection oven, it is recommended to reduce the temperature by 20/25 degrees.
In this case, we also recommend a small pot of little water to ensure proper humidity and perfect cooking.
Here, then, the ventilated or static oven does not matter, for always perfect cooking there is only one trick to know!

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