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Available on iOs and Android stores, VerificationC19 is the platform that will be necessary to “verify” your green card starting August 6 in activities, such as restaurants and gyms, where you can only enter with a green certificate certifying the successful intake of at least one dose of Covid vaccine.

The Palazzo Chigi Twitter account today launched a small photo guide to explain the workings of the platform that will allow exhibitors, event organizers and public officials to validate the Green Passport.

In general, it is necessary to download it to your smartphone, open it and scan the QR code of the certificate to be verified. If valid, a green check will appear with details (name, surname, place and date of birth) of the green passport holder.

Easy and instant. However, there are some limitations that can create some problems for those who will have to use it for work and not incur heavy penalties.

To list some important things for VerificationC19 is the site PuntoInformatico Which shows how the use of the application offline, ie when the device is not connected to the Internet, is bound by certain conditions.

Offline usage is guaranteed by the guide published on the internet and it is not a trivial matter. The feature becomes essential, for example, in those buildings or businesses where there is no internet connection as in mountainous areas or inside old buildings. “However, a smartphone cannot always remain disconnected. This is to be expected by the VerificationC19 sync flow” which requires a “valid public key update” which must take place “every 24 hours,” we read on the website reporting the indications of the Ministry of Health .

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The daily connection is used to compare the downloaded data with that which has already been downloaded and to update the keys. So the merchant will have to find a way to connect the smartphone on which the app has been downloaded at least once a day.

Other restrictions relate to the devices on which the app can be downloaded. Smartphones of two operating systems can be used, but less modern devices are excluded. In fact, Android 8.0 or later and iOS 12.1 or later versions are needed. From iPhone 5S and above.

Meanwhile, a few hours after the launch, many users complain about malfunctions, leaving negative reviews on the stores from which they are downloaded. “Always in a ban. I tried to read many of the green passages, and always say it is invalid, when I know for sure that it is”; “My green pass is seen as expired and if I repeat the check it is valid! “;” To read a QR code, the paper or smartphone must be on a stable horizontal surface (…) If the app is stuck your hand don’t read it,” some users write on PlayStore while others report that VerificationC19 is working properly.

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