It can lead to health problems

Vegetarian cheese is a widely consumed food. Be careful, as this may lead to some health problems. the details.

Plant products are increasingly taking root. The kitchen now consists of many aspects. This tradition still exists but there is also a vegetarian and vegan tradition. But the latter two are becoming increasingly important. Many products allow you to avoid certain foods, some of them even have their downsides. as in the case of vegan cheese.

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As we can imagine, vegan cheese is different from traditional cheese. Although producers go to great lengths to replicate the flavor, this work is quite complex. But the main problem is that, according to an expert, such a product is the cause of some health problems. This is because there will be one inside Bad nutritional value.

Debates about what is good and what is bad in the kitchen are now centuries old. to any concern Traditional cheese There are some facts and some myths. Even today, many are wondering if this makes you obese. For this reason, in some cases, the choice is directed towards vegan cheese. Apparently, according to a nutritionist Richard HoffmanThis would be unhealthy food.

Does vegan cheese cause health problems? The answer is surprising

There are now many alternatives in kitchen. Among these is the most widely used vegetable cheese. As reported by nutrition expert Richard Hoffman on the pages daily MailThese alternatives are often made with vegetable oils, which are high in saturated fats and LDL cholesterol. Also foods that completely lack vitamins or minerals. Thus, these products would increase the risk heart disease And other health problems, such as some weak bones.

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The nutritionist notes that many believe that the vegan alternative contains the same nutrients as cheese made from milk. But this is not the case because producers focus on making vegan cheese as if it were a traditional cheese. For this reason, we find it in vegan cheese, as Hoffman reveals Coconut Oil And the Palm oil which have low nutritional value.

But that’s not all because, according to the nutritionist, the job of the intestines is to break down starch into sugar. Which would lead not only to weight gain but also to Type 2 diabetes. Vegetable oils have a more negative effect. This is because despite the claim that coconut is healthy, it is in the presence of a product that contains almost all saturated fats. The most important of them is lauric acid, which leads to an increase in the so-called bad cholesterol.

For this reason, a nutritionist recommends Producers To add nutrients to its customers. Factors that will allow you to get benefits from taking this product. Also because a study by the University of Helsinki speaks for itself.

Study of the plant solution

Researchers from the University of Helsinki conducted a 12-week study. At the research center there were 136 volunteers. They were subjected to three meals, with different amounts of vegetable proteins. As a result, those who replaced dairy products with plant-based products saw bone health deteriorate.

For Hoffman, this result was due to the fact that there was poor recruitment for Vitamin D And the football. Although this thesis is confirmed, some further studies on this issue are still needed. Finally, the vegan nutritionist advises looking for highly detailed alternatives.

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The information in this article is for informational purposes. They should not in any way replace advice by experts or professionals. Furthermore, it should not affect the diagnosis or other types of responses.

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