It can be a cause of serious illness

In recent years, more and more people are complaining of back pain, especially very young people who already at the age of eleven suffer from pain. The most common symptoms are spinal discomfort, witch’s strokes, and often impotence pain.

Back pain (web image)
Back pain (web image)

The constant constant back pain is definitely the incorrect posture that is repeated during the day due to the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers, and certainly a sedentary and not very dynamic life.

What diseases can hide back pain?

Unfortunately, back pain is not always taken seriously, especially when accused by youngsters because it is usually attributed to futile reasons, and possibly risky moves for fun; Be careful, however, behind the frequent pain can hide a pathology that, if not addressed in time, can become dangerous and disabling.

The pathology we are referring to is Scoliosis, which has become an epidemic of new generations in recent years, Illness that affects daily activities and lifestyle. Same situation for adults: i musculoskeletal overload disorders,(DMS), currently affecting about 30% of the population.

Scoliosis which means “kneeling”, from the Greek “skoliosis”, is a pathology already known in antiquity. Today this is a special pathology of the back It affects about 3% of the population It consists of a deformation of the spine manifested by rotation of the vertebral bodies and lateral curvature.

What is scoliosis

Scoliosis can be of different types: lumbar, dorsal lumbar, dorsal, dorsal lumbar. Symptoms are numerous and can vary from person to person, most commonly presenting with pelvic imbalance or higher and more prominent hips, irregular hips, shoulders positioned at different heights, body tilted to one side, one shoulder blades more prominent than the other, ribs placed at heights Different or prominent when bending forward.

Scoliosis as a pathology can be attributed to various causes of different origins that we can distinguish in: Idiopathic scoliosis which have no known causes, congenital scoliosispresent from birth, Scoliosis due to diseases of the neuromuscular system o Congenital malformations of the spine or Scoliosis due to a number of genetic diseases.

However, this disease is not always associated with the diseases we talked about, but at a young age, it can also appear in healthy subjects. The exact causes are not yet known, in fact for decades science has been trying to understand the causes that determine the cause Idiopathic scoliosis in youth. Certainly, this disease is highlighted in adolescence for this reason early diagnosis is essential to understand and prohibit its development in the subject. The signs of recognition of it are those that we mentioned earlier.

When you realize it’s related to pain, there are signals like that trunk asymmetryYou should immediately contact your doctor or specialist who will assess whether to proceed with an X-ray examination. So-called “mild” scoliosis of less than 20 degrees is controlled, While those who exceed this parameter are treated with orthopedic corsets that contain their development.

In fact, if the trunk is left free to rotate on itself, the scoliosis will progress rapidly, on the contrary, if an external block is placed on the trunk, the deterioration can be reduced. Don’t underestimate back pain and notice the changes in your body, In this particular case of the back and extremities, contact your doctor for an initial evaluation.

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