Israel reportedly told Russia it would need help evacuating citizens if Ukraine was invaded

Israeli citizens return to Tel Aviv from Kiev. Jacques Guise/AFP via Getty Images

Israel is taking the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine very seriously, with a senior government official telling his Russian counterpart in a phone call on Wednesday that if that happens, Israel will need Moscow’s help for evacuation. citizens and diplomats, shred relations.

Two senior Israeli officials said that shred The phone call was between Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Alon Ochbis and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. Officials said the Israeli ambassador to Moscow had previously had a similar conversation with Bogdanov.

Since Sunday, 3,000 Israeli citizens have fled Ukraine and the government estimates that about 10,000 remain in the country. shred relations. Israeli officials have said the government wants to ensure that in the event of an invasion, citizens can move safely to a neighboring country, and there is a draft contingency plan for their evacuation via Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova and Romania.

Israel has “close relations” with Russia, Ukraine and the United States, shred notes, and was careful to avoid irritating these partners and making it seem like he was a favorite over the other. On Friday, after receiving a new intelligence report from the United States, the Israeli government decided to ask Ukrainian citizens to leave immediately. Five Israeli officials said shred.

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