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Title: Mounting Frustration: US-Israel Strains Ahead of Blinken-Netanyahu Meeting

As tensions in the Middle East persist, Israeli officials are finding themselves under increasing pressure from Washington. In an upcoming meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US is expected to seek concessions to ease regional tensions and prevent a wider conflict, much to the frustration of Israeli officials.

Despite the US being a staunch supporter of Israel during the recent conflict with Hamas, Blinken is anticipated to push for improved protection of civilians in Gaza, increased aid to the territory, and restraint from far-right ministers who advocate for the resettlement of Palestinians.

Netanyahu, however, has faced criticism for his refusal to engage in detailed planning for the governance of Gaza after the military offensive and for rejecting US preferred options. Critics argue that the hastily proposed post-war policies lack detail and commitment.

One proposal suggested by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is for Israel to maintain security control of Gaza while a Palestinian body, overseen by Israel, would handle day-to-day administration. International partners would be responsible for the reconstruction process. However, Israeli observers believe that these proposals are not official policy and are unlikely to gain traction.

The US has previously called on Israel to shift towards lower-intensity military operations in Gaza, specifically targeting Hamas. President Biden recently cautioned that Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing” was resulting in the loss of international support.

The Israeli campaign in Gaza has had devastating consequences, with over 22,400 casualties, the majority of whom are women and children. Gallant’s plan hints at a more precise approach to targeting Hamas fighters and leaders, potentially in response to pressure from Washington.

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Another cause for concern within the Biden administration is the calls from far-right Israeli ministers for Palestinians to leave Gaza, which has sparked fears of forced displacement and mass dispossession. In an attempt to alleviate US concerns, Gallant stated that there would be no Israeli civilian presence in Gaza once the war’s objectives were achieved.

As part of his Middle East tour, Blinken will also be visiting the Palestinian Authority and several Arab countries. The meetings come at a critical juncture, as all parties involved seek to find a way forward that preserves regional stability and avoids further escalation.

With hopes resting on the outcome of the Blinken-Netanyahu meeting, the region braces itself for potential shifts in policy that could shape the trajectory of Middle East relations moving forward.

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