Israel ended the Netanyahu era. Naftali Bennett is the new prime minister (he stopped several times during his speech)

In the end it happened. After 12 years, the Israeli Prime Minister Not yet Benjamin Netanyahu. Naftali Bennett As of tonight, he is the thirteenth Prime Minister. A victory has arrived on the edge of the razor, but it is enough now: Sixty deputies from 8 parties from the coalition of the center, the right, the left and Arab Ram voted for the change government., for the first time in power. Against 59, that is, all the deputies of the old majority who supported Netanyahu. Only one, a deputy from Ram, left the room at the time of voting and consequently abstained. In the official announcement of the new Speaker of the Knesset, Mickey LeviApplause erupted in the hall and the cheers of supporters of the new government rose. That the atmosphere was favorable – despite doubts in recent days – was understood by the appointment of Levi, deputy of Lapid, who outperformed the right-wing candidate, established himself as the new leader. The government – which is based on a rotation between Bennett and Lapid as prime minister – has already been sworn in.

Raging opposition boycotted Bennett throughout his speech and Netanyahu even mocked him by declaring that he would “eliminate as quickly as possible” this “dangerous” executive.. The new prime minister showed steady nerves by remaining calm for more than half an hour amid cries and shouts. He perfectly portrayed the situation when he ordered the opposition to “stop the chaos,” promising that he would “put an end to the chaos.”The end of a terrible period of hatred among the people of Israel“.

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That glowing atmosphere Yair Lapid The centrist leader, who, according to the agreements, would get Bennett’s wand at the end of August 2023, had stopped talking: he would have been completely useless, he said. The tribute that Bennett himself gave to his former ally and political mentor Netanyahu in opening his speech, thanking him for the services he rendered to the country, was not in vain.
I also’Iran, Enemy No. 1, has been the subject of controversy, despite Bennett’s clarity. Israel “will not allow Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons. Reviving the nuclear agreement with Iran is a mistake that would legitimize one of the most violent regimes in the world. Israel retains its full freedom of action.” “I worry about what Bennett just said – Netanyahu criticized him -. You usually do the opposite of what you say. As is Lapid, who said he would never go with him.” Then he rushed when he questioned his ability A new executive to resist pressure from the US Biden administration: “In Iran today they celebrate. They realize that there will now be a weak and terrified government in Israel” towards the United States. He continued: “When the United States returns to the Iran nuclear deal – he continued – the future Israeli government will not allow new covert activities in Iran. He does not deserve to remain in office even for a day.” But Bennett’s victory seems to have truly opened a new era: in the arena of A Tel Aviv Thousands of people celebrated throughout the evening, while yesterday two thousand protesters gathered in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem singing Bibi Sayaa on diaries. Hello beautiful.

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