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From neighboring Jerusalem, they say that Naftali Bennett is able to quote lines from memory Seinfeld As far as the Torah. And that he applied this ability to the slogans of the first election campaign when he entered politics eight years ago. There are events that most of us know will never happen: soprano They won’t be back for a new season e There will be no peace plan with the Palestinians. Thus: without concessions and without contradictions.

But some carry it with them:Naftali Bennett He was the director of the Yesha Council, the political body representing settlers in the West Bank, but he lives in Ra’anana, a suburb north of Tel Aviv where Anglos like him find – with American, British, and South African accents – and are populated mostly by programmers, engineers and novice inventors. What he did and what made him a millionaire before this race – still hurdles – for prime minister. Wear one on your head Small crochet kibbeh symbolizing religious Zionism, but not as broad as those of the most extreme and racist settlers: he could be the first head of government to wear one in the country’s history, and certainly the first representative of the movement he wants to put together Faith and loyalty to the state. Observant, his wife does not: When they went to live for a while on the Upper East Side of Manhattan – he proudly told the Weekly New Yorker Gelat worked as a pastry chef and made some critics think again about the virtues of caramel. Still the product of yeshivas who learned the lessons of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and may be able – writes the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth To encourage the Israelis to find their lost unity: Religious Zionism has always sought to build bridges between worshipers and the laity, Humanism and Faith, Nationalism and Universalism. Certainly not the racist and xenophobic version – the country’s best-selling newspaper – by Bezalel Smotrich or Itamar Ben Gvir.

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In the two years that Bennett was Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff, and then in the opposition, he prefers not to speak. Once he let it get away with the disagreements that arose with Sarah and that he worked with her after surviving a course in terrorism. Between 2006 and 2008, the prime minister’s wife in office made life difficult even in advertising Elite Shaked ش, who later founded the new right-wing parties with Bennett and can now become Interior Minister, one of eight women to join the nascent government, will be a record. Netanyahu was fed and frightened at the same time: when he appeared on the scene, he recognized him Dangerous and dangerous extremist. He preferred to keep it close to control and entrust him with various ministries until the second half: Bennett defined the political vacuum during the early months of the fight against Covid-19, went into opposition and became shadow minister.

healthy activity Which at one point led his small party to more than 20 deputies at the polls, the fact of the election at the end of March left him 7. He should hold on to them: the two threatened a “no” vote of confidence next week. They and the other right-wing politicians in the coalition are collapsing Netanyahu’s maneuvers: He describes Naftali as a traitor and a potential government dangerous to the country, because his loudspeakers are repeated on social media – formed by parties of the historical left, exiles from Likud, centrist Yair Lapid, and an Arab-Islamist formation. Calls for a sit-in in front of Bennett and Shaked’s home prompted Internal Intelligence to put the man under the protection of the man who could replace Netanyahu after 12 years in uninterrupted power.

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