Israel bans travel to Italy, Germany and the US: ‘Too many Omicron cases have arrived’

The severe infection of Omicron is still so frightening that it has prompted Israel to again ban its citizens from traveling to Italy, Germany, the United States, Canada and six other countries considered “high risk”.

The new “red list” put into force by the government goes into effect tonight midnight and comes within hours of the release of the latest data on the epidemic in the country, which for the first time since October reported more than a thousand new cases, with an R index equal to 1.22, above the maximum set at 1.

Of the 5,787 positives recorded last week, 1,754 – about 30% – came from abroad. On a flight that landed yesterday in Tel Aviv from Miami, 10% of the passengers tested positive for Covid, most of them Omicron. This prompted the authorities to close the borders to the most vulnerable countries in record time.

How do you know Haaretz?, the government announced that travel to and from the so-called “red countries” would be expressly prohibited, unless authorized by a special commission. Returnees from these countries must undergo a seven-day quarantine. Ten countries are currently on the list, including Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and Switzerland, which will be updated weekly based on the progress of the pandemic.

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The new rules for returning to Italy from abroad: what the law says, from quarantine to smear

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